Bachelor Nation Exes Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Reunite for ‘Funny’ Video

Clayton Echard & Susie Evans

Getty/Heavy Clayton Echard & Susie Evans

Exes Clayton Echard and Susie Evans had Bachelor Nation talking this weekend after they reunited for a May 13 Instagram video.

The Saturday video began with Clayton and Susie sitting next to each other on a couch and drinking red wine. Text appeared on the screen that read, “When you both get booked on an influencer trip and remember what it was like when you were dating.”

The former couple then mouthed along to an audio soundbite from the 2009 horror film “Jennifer’s Body” in which Needy Lesnicki, played by Amanda Seyfried, tells off Jennifer Check, played by Megan Fox. Susie mouthed along to Needy’s part while Clayton took on the role of Jennifer.

“Or is it because you’re just really insecure,” Susie mouthed to Clayton.

“I am not insecure,” Clayton spat back.

“I’m not toxic, you are,” Susie captioned the Saturday post.

Fans React to Clayton & Susie Reuniting

Fans loved seeing the former couple having fun together on Instagram and took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the unexpected reunion.

“Exes like this are life. [Thank you] for keeping it real and making people realize that every relationship doesn’t have to end in absolute hatred,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Omg- I love this so much. So good to see that you can be friends ❤️,” a second user commented. 

“[Please] keep making funny [TikToks] together I’m begging you 😂,” a third user exclaimed.

Many fans commented urging Susie to give her ex a second chance.

“Susie give Clayton another chance 😢,” a fourth user commented.

“Just get back together already,” a fifth user wrote. “Y’all are perfect together.”

Why Did Clayton & Susie Breakup?

Clayton and Susie’s love story began on season 26 of “The Bachelor.” The wedding videographer caught Clayton’s eye early on and she was selected for the first one-on-one date of the season. After their first date, which entailed a helicopter ride around Los Angeles and a dip in the ocean, Susie became a frontrunner.

But their relationship came to a halt during their Fantasy Suite date in Iceland in week eight. During their date, Clayton confessed that he had been intimate with and expressed feelings of love to the other two remaining women. The confession upset Susie who ended up leaving the show after learning about Clayton’s overnight dates with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

However, the couple’s romance didn’t end in Iceland. During the “After the Final Rose” special on March 14, 2022, Clayton and Susie revealed they had reconnected after filming and were in a relationship. The two continued to date until September 2022 when they announced their split on Instagram.

“With incredibly heavy hearts, we wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways. For anyone who has ever loved, knows this was a painful decision to make and not one taken lightly,” Susie and Clayton told fans in a joint Instagram statement. 

Susie opened up about the split in November 21 blog post titled, “Break Up Reflection.” In the post, Susie wrote that her and Clayton were not a “natural fit.”

“I believe this was because I was trying to make something work that just wasn’t a natural fit,” she wrote. “It’s emotionally taxing and not good for the soul. Not to mention, my Google search history was filled with questions like, ‘Can you love someone and not be compatible?’ 😂 I’m really outing myself with that.. But, hey! We are getting vulnerable here.”

Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette” premieres on on Monday, June 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on ABC.

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