Former ‘Bachelor’ Shares Before & After Transformation Photos

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A former lead for “The Bachelor” has been quite open in sharing the work he has done both mentally and physically to improve his well-being. Clayton Echard seems in great shape now, but he revealed in a new Instagram post he did not always feel good about how he looked. He shared a video highlighting how much he has transformed throughout his wellness journey and it certainly impressed fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Echard Isn’t New to Working out or Being Fit

The Instagram post Echard shared on August 1 included a short video and a telling caption. “I hated who I once was, but love what I’ve become.” The video showed a photo of Echard from a while ago, along with a current one. He added text over the brief clip, noting, “The story isn’t over… until you stop writing.”

Before he became “The Bachelor,” Echard focused on football for several years. At Missouri University, he was a defensive lineman and later a tight end. No professional football teams drafted him immediately out of college, but in 2016 the Seattle Seahawks brought him into their rookie minicamp. He then signed with them as a free agent and played in four preseason games before being cut.

After that experience, Echard shifted away from football and started working in orthopedic sales. On his LinkedIn page, Echard noted he enjoys biking and hiking on nature trails, exercises daily, and emphasizes a healthy lifestyle for himself. In his latest Instagram post, he showed just how well that commitment has worked for him.

He Was Hard on Himself in the Past

The initial photo in Echard’s new Instagram post showed him wearing a hoodie while sitting in a classroom as a student, so this was clearly a few years ago. He gave a thumbs-up and smiled as the photo was taken, but based on his caption, he did not like the shape he was in at this stage of his life. The “after” portion of his post featured Echard standing shirtless, and he smiled as he showed off his muscular upper body. Susie Evans, Echard’s “Bachelor” pick, commented that he was “A cutie both ways.”

When one person commented Echard had always been in shape, he replied and explained. “I suppose it’s all a perspective! I was never terribly out of shape, but I was around 24% body fat at 273 lbs in college!” He added, “Didn’t feel good at all then, but I’m definitely happier in the 10% range now.”

Echard engaged with quite a few of the comments left on this post. One person noted he looked great in his “before” photo and added, “We are so hard on ourselves.” “The Bachelor” star responded, “Yes, we absolutely are. I was my own biggest critic for many years!”

“This glow up is very inspiring. Let’s goooo,” commented one supporter.

“Very inspirational! Bless you for getting to a better place in life,” wrote someone else.

“@susiecevans come get your man because all our jaws are on the floor,” teased another impressed fan.

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