‘Bachelor’ Star Admits He’s Not ‘Proud’ of Past Behavior

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Colton Underwood gave new details about the lengths he went to hide his sexuality before coming out as gay in April 2021.

The 30-year-old former ”Bachelor” star previously told Variety that by the time he was in junior high he knew he was gay, and he spent his high school and college years trying to hide from his truth.

“Growing up in sports, I was taught that gay is wrong and bad and football players are not gay,” Underwood told the outlet. “By the time I realized that I was gay, I didn’t want to be gay. It was easy for me to hide in plain sight behind a football mask and hunting and fishing and the things that this world tells us is ‘masculine’ and ‘manly.’”

In 2019, Underwood played a straight man on “The Bachelor” and ended his season with a girlfriend, Cassie Randolph. But all the while he was hiding the secret that he was gay – and he went to desperate measures to keep it, he revealed in a new interview.

Underwood Revealed He had Photos of ‘Random’ Naked Women So He Could Brag to His Teammates

Colton Underwood


In an April 2022 interview with NPR’s “The Limits” podcast, Underwood revealed that he faced his biggest challenges in the locker room when he was a football player. He told the podcast that the locker room “was one of the most homophobic and homoerotic places” that he saw, so he went to extra lengths to ensure he wouldn’t be outed. One of his tactics was to keep photos of naked women on his phone so he could pretend to be straight in front of his teammates.

“I truly — I’m, like, not even proud to say this — but I had a folder in my photos of, like, random girls’ boobs just so that I had some proof of like, if that ever happened to me, it’s like, ‘Oh, look what I just got sent,’” he said. “Just, like, fit into that alpha hyper-masculine culture because I never wanted to have to defend myself past that.”

Underwood Previously Said He Avoided Parties Because He Was Afraid to Get Drunk With His Teammates

Colton Underwood

GettyColton Underwood

In December 2021, Underwood told the “Call Her Daddy” podcast that he also avoided showering in the locker room because he was afraid his teammates would be able to tell he was gay.

“I wouldn’t shower after practice because I was afraid of getting turned on in the locker room or in the shower,” he revealed in the podcast. “I never really was attracted to anybody who I played with, or coaches. …But, I wanted to avoid any chance of being outed, so I would not shower with the rest of the team.”

Underwood also avoided college parties because he was afraid he would get drunk and accidentally reveal his sexuality. Instead, he would go to sleep during house parties with the excuse that he was too focused on his career to drink.

“There was just a lot of things that I sort of did differently than other players because I felt like I had to, because I didn’t want questions to start being asked,” Underwood explained.

Before joining “The Bachelor,” Underwood joined the gay dating app Grindr under an alias, he told Variety. He later lived in fear that one of the guys he hooked up with would sell the story to a tabloid.

Underwood also revealed that he visited a gay spa in Los Angeles in 2020 “just to look” and that someone who saw him there attempted to “blackmail” him. “The Bachelor” star claimed that the anonymous person claimed to have nude photos of him at the spa and threatened to go to the press with the pics. It was at that point that Underwood began to consider his plan to come out.

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