Colton Underwood Slammed for Leaving Comment on Kanye West’s Instagram Post

Getty Images Colton Underwood is being slammed for supporting Kanye West.

Former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood is being slammed on social media after leaving a comment on one of Kanye West‘s Instagram posts.

The reality star, who is set to star in the new CBS show “Beyond the Edge” when it premieres in March 2022, showed his support for the rapper by adding a comment to one of West’s now-deleted Instagram posts.

“God…please watch over me and keep my mind sane. I could use it right now. To anyone who feels alone, I’m with you and I love you,” West’s post read, according to a screenshot posted on Reddit.

Underwood dropped three red heart emoji in the comments section — and Redditors didn’t hold any of their feelings back. Underwood doesn’t have a great reputation after he was accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, and “Bachelor” fans won’t let him forget it.

Of course, West’s reputation isn’t the best either, and many have been criticizing him for the way he’s publicly attacking his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and her new romance with “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Criticized Underwood for Showing His Apparent Support of West

It didn’t take long for Reddit to fill up with comments in which most platform users slammed Underwood for supporting West.

“I wish so badly he would go away but I literally think he will end up running for politics or something. It’s like the one last form of fame he hasn’t grasped at yet. He disgusts me so much,” one person wrote on a thread about Underwood’s heart emoji comment.

“Ew. Not surprised,” another comment read.

“Proof Colton hasn’t learned a thing and was literally rewarded with a tv show for being an abuser. Praying there is real change in this world before I die,” a third Redditor added.

“Kanye has no idea who Colton is so it’s extra pathetic on top of being despicable,” a fourth person wrote.

“Men like them think they’ve done nothing wrong. Women exaggerate and are ungrateful of their love. They are the victims here, they’re misunderstood. I really wonder who’s behind Colton’s entire public image and if they’re the ones who convinced Cassie to drop the restraining order. It makes me uncomfortable how hard they work to make Colton a celebrity,” a fifth comment read.

Many Fans Are Unhappy That Underwood Is Going to Appear on Another Reality Show

On February 2, 2022, CBS revealed the cast of the new reality television series “Beyond the Edge.” Underwood will be taking part in the show, in which “each celebrity must rely on their inner fortitude, physical ability, and courage, and have faith in their teammates to endure in the wild,” according to the synopsis.

Several “Bachelor” fans were upset by the news that Underwood would be back on television, and they unleashed on Reddit once more.

“If he was sorry and learning from what he did….he’d be taking a long break from television shows,” one Redditor wrote, adding, “He’s not sorry for any of it, and it’s gross.”

“Television sure does love abusive white men,” added another.

“I guess they really don’t GAF casting someone accused of stalking, terrorizing, and abusing their ex. [Seriously] why does this man still have a platform?” a third comment read.

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