Indycar Driver Conor Daly Claims He Got Stood up by one of Matt James’ Ladies

Conor Daly wearing a baseball cap.

Getty Images Conor Daly.

Indycar driver Conor Daly took to Twitter while watching The Bachelor on Monday, January 4, to let his followers in on a little secret; he was previously linked to a woman on Matt James’ season.

Not only did Conor know this woman, but she apparently stood him up — and we’re not talking at a planned dinner or on a casual date. Conor says that he actually booked a trip to Hawaii with her — and she didn’t show!

“Anyone want to guess which girl on the new season of The Bachelor I booked a flight to Hawaii for 6 years ago and she never showed up?” Conor Daly asked, adding the crying with laughter emoji.

Several people tried to guess who the woman was, but were unsuccessful. About an hour later, Conor posted an update.

“Well, she got a rose. The show goes on. This is hilarious. No one has guessed correctly,” he tweeted. This one was also deleted.

Conor later deleted the tweets, and didn’t respond to fans asking who the mystery lady was. However, one of the current ladies vying for James’ heart has spoken out.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaili Anderson Responded to Conor Daly’s Claims & Explained She Simply ‘Wasn’t That Interested’

Las Vegas-based Kaili Anderson has come forward as the woman who stood up Conor six years ago.

“Sorry I wasn’t that interested. Stop trying to make this date seem like an obligation when I cancelled in advance,” she tweeted, tagging the Chicks in the Office podcast. The tweet received a handful of replies — and Conor wasn’t among them. Kaili didn’t go into further detail about how she and Conor met or if the two actually dated.

For those wondering, Conor was asked if he still took the trip to Hawaii. “Oh absolutely,” he replied to one Twitter user.

While Bachelor spoilers reveal that Kaili isn’t the woman that wins Matt James’ heart in the end, it doesn’t sound like she’ll be giving Conor another shot.

Kaili, 26, works as a hostess. She’s an avid runner, and aspired to one day run an “ultra-marathon.” She is originally from Chicago, Illinois.

Kaili Stepped out of the Limo Wearing Lingerie When She Met Matt James

Kaili Anderson made quite the first impression when she stepped out of the limo to meet Matt James for the very first time. Kaili is the girl that was wearing black lingerie. Despite receiving some backlash on social media for her choice in premiere attire, Kaili hasn’t been shy about defending herself.

Interestingly, Kaili also posted the following tweet, that may or may not have been directed at Conor Daly.

Kaili seems more than happy to keep on keeping on after Conor’s claims that she stood him up. She’s been tweeting up a storm, and hasn’t mentioned Conor since shutting him down.

Meanwhile, it appears as though Conor has also moved on. He’s been keeping his social media posts locked on Indycar, and hasn’t talked about his past with Kaili since.

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