Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Reveals How Producers ‘Bamboozled’ Her

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Do you remember Kimberly Vick, then Kimberly Sullivan, from Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor? You are likely saying to yourself, ‘No,’ because she was sent home on night one. Now the self-described “world’s okayest Bachelor commentator” is revealing how the show’s producers “bamboozled” her through her TikTok account.

Vick said a friend nominated her and she spent months going through the casting process.

“During that time period, you’re talking to the producers a couple times a week so they really get to know you and they ask everything about you,” she said in the first TikTok video. “And because of this and because I was 23 and a little bit naive, I pretty much divulged every little detail of my life.”

She continued in the next video, “I basically told them all about my family life, my dad’s affair, my best friend’s suicide, I knew those things were part of the reason why I felt so alone and why I felt like everyone left me. And because of that, I told them about it and I thought was the reason why I was single. I truly felt like I was just talking to a friend.”

Yet, on night one she found herself “begging them for one-on-one time with Jake.”

“Basically all night long they’re trying to pin the girls against each other. And they would ask you questions like ‘What did you think about how she reacted to that?’ or ‘How do you like her outfit?’” the Oklahoma resident explained. “And me being the true southern belle that I am, I decided not to say anything about the other girls because truly I didn’t know them and I didn’t feel comfortable being mean.”

She claims producers then prevented her from speaking with Pavelka, but despite that, she felt hyped up and led to believe she would receive a rose.

During her required exit interview when she was asked “How do you do?”, Vick “just kept saying this is what’s meant to be because I firmly believe whatever was supposed to happen, happened. They did not like that. They kept prying and finally they said, ‘I mean your dad had an affair and your best friend killed herself so this is just one more thing you can add to your list of disappointments.’”

She used the greenscreen feature on TikTok to change her background to a photo of her crying as a result of their prodding.

“I cried and I made a fool out of myself on night one because I turned out to be the girl that cries thinking that she’s gonna marry someone she met for five minutes on a national television show,” she concluded. “So that’s the story of how I left the Bachelor Mansion empty-handed.”

Her claims come on the heels of other contestants, particularly Dylan Barbour, accusing production of manipulating the whole show.

Dylan Barbour Went on a Twitter Rant Against Production

Dylan Barbour, a former cast member on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, took to Twitter at the end of January to air out his grievances with the franchise. At the time he wrote, “This public figure world is fake, and sometimes it needs to be called out.”

He called for the cancellation of the franchise and network. In the days that followed, he deleted most of his tweets.

Some of his tweets answered production questions, such as how leads remember names, what happens to engagement rings if a couple splits and the length of one-on-one dates. Others answered burning questions, such as Barbour’s claims production gets to decide who stays or goes at times and who got the “most screwed over by production.” His answer to the latter was “Jed [Wyatt]“, claiming in a since-deleted tweet that he did not cheat on Hannah Brown as purported during their filmed breakup.

Other Franchise Stars Contradicted Barbour’s Claims

Since Barbour’s claims, other franchise stars have addressed the rumors. Among them was former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay who told Us Weekly that she “never felt manipulated.”

She told the publication, “When I see people say that, I’m almost like, ‘That’s on you, that you felt like you fell for that type of scenario. I don’t know if you’re trying to get attention. I’m not sure if, you know, like, you’re trying to excuse some of the decisions you made, but we are all grown people. You made those decisions for whatever reason it is. Don’t try to now go blame it on somebody else.’”

Lindsay’s sentiment seems to be shared by Bachelor winner Catherine Giudici who answered followers’ questions about possible manipulation on her Instagram Story.

“I’m sure there has to be some level of ‘manipulation,’ but we also have freedom of choice to say things that we want to say or don’t want to say,” Us Weekly quoted her response. “For instance, I said, ‘No, I don’t want to talk about that’ and they didn’t push it.”

She later added, “Let’s take responsibility for everything.”

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