Bachelorette Frontrunner Used to Do Silly Halloween Costume Modeling

Halloween costumes

Getty A man views a wall display of costumes.

Dale Moss has the world on a string right now, but things weren’t always so glamorous for The Bachelorette‘s clear frontrunner. One TikTok user discovered Moss’ early modeling work and it isn’t nearly as stylish as his more recent work.

The video on TikTok showed Moss posing in a variety of Halloween costumes for Party City. While the video has since been deleted, the photos on Party City’s website are still very much in existence.

It’s easy to point and laugh, but somehow the photos actually make Moss even more likable. So far on The Bachelorette, he’s been a man of few words who stole Clare Crawley’s heart the second he stepped out of a limousine. But the Party City photos are proof that he’s not just a Prince Charming built in a lab to win any season of The Bachelorette; he’s a real person with a goofy history and a sense of humor about it.

Everyone starts somewhere and Moss’ start apparently came in a giant taco costume.

Roman Centurions & Tacos & Superman, Oh My

Let’s cut straight to the chase, because the photos are gold. Here’s Moss as Superman with several other models all costumed up:

Then there’s a Roman Centurion costume that honestly would’ve been perfect for the “words of affirmation” group date Moss participated in during episode two.

But the best, without question, is the taco costume:

And just for good measure, a few eagle-eyed Bachelorette fans have spotted Moss in actual Party City stores too.

If that doesn’t get you in the Halloween spirit, I don’t know what will.

Dale Moss Is Taking the Memes in Stride

The Instagram page for “The Betchelor” podcast posted a clever meme with the caption “Dale Taco,” and Moss himself was among those entertained. In a comment on the post, he wrote “Love it! Read your contracts kid ;) could be worse.”

It’s still tough to tell how ABC is going to portray Moss over the last few episodes of the Crawley portion of season 16 of The Bachelorette. A promo for episode three shows the other suitors getting frustrated with Moss monopolizing time with Crawley.

It’s possible a villain edit could be on the way that portrays Moss as someone flaunting the rules. He could even be shown as someone whose aspirations for fame in the media industry call his intentions into question. Or maybe he’ll get the heroic portrayal as he carries Crawley off into the sunset.

Regardless, the Party City photo shoots and Moss’ lighthearted reaction to the attention has left a good impression on Bachelor Nation.

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