Bachelor Nation Couple Involved in Motorcycle Accident

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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes revealed on Instagram that they were involved in a frightening accident on Friday, December 18.

The couple, who met on season six of Bachelor in Paradise, posted on their respective Instagram stories that they were riding on Unglert’s motorcycle when he collided with a vehicle.

“Got cut off by a van,” Unglert wrote on his story. “We smashed into the side of it head on. First ever motorcycle accident, could have gone a lot worse.”

In another post he showed a picture of the side of a van with two dents in it, one where Unglert says his head hit and another where his motorcycle hit.

“Dean and I got into a motorcycle accident today and somehow the only thing that happened was Dean’s finger got busted open,” Miller-Keyes said in a video on her story.

“You say somehow as if I’m not a skilled motorcyclist that evaded the van … well I didn’t really evade it, I guess,” Unglert then said. “It still could’ve been a lot worse, ok?”

Unglert & Miller-Keyes Had a Rocky Start to Their Relationship

Unglert, 29, first appeared on season 13 of The Bachelorette, but was eliminated by Rachel Lindsay in the final four. He then appeared on season four of Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor Winter Games before finally meeting Miller-Keyes in his fourth appearance with the franchise.

Miller-Keyes, 25, was also a fourth-place finisher when she was on season 23 of The Bachelor.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for the couple when they met on the beach, though. After developing an early connection, Unglert made the surprising decision to leave the show, citing his own inability to be the person she needs him to be. Miller-Keyes was devastated by his decision and began a relationship with Connor Saeli in Unglert’s absence.

But Unglert reversed course and returned a couple weeks after his abrupt departure. He told Miller-Keyes that he couldn’t stop thinking about her after he left, and he hoped she would leave the show with him. Miller-Keyes accepted Unglert’s invitation to leave together, much to the disappointment of Saeli.

Unglert & Miller-Keyes Wear Rings, But Aren’t Engaged

In June 2020, after nearly a year together, Unglert and Miller-Keyes revealed on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons that they’re committed to each other for the long-term, even if they aren’t quite married or engaged yet.

“I don’t the title of ‘husband’ to show the world that I’m committed to one person,” Unglert told Chris Harrison. “So the fact that I’m wearing the ring is showing just that, is that I’m committed to Caelynn and only Caelynn. That’s why I’ve worn it — I’ve been wearing it probably for the last six or so months.

“She wears her fun, little ring as well, which isn’t, like, traditional ring of marriage, or engagement ring, but it’s our way of telling the world or the people that we’re around that we are committed to each other.”

Maybe that’ll eventually change and a wedding will happen, but for now Unglert and Miller-Keyes are happy with their current relationship status.

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