‘Bachelorette’ Leaves Touching Note on Suitor’s Heartbreaking Social Media Post

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During episode 7 of “The Bachelorette,” Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia visited the families and hometowns of their final few suitors. There were intense moments with some families and incredibly sweet interactions in other cases. The hometown date where Windey visited the family of Erich Schwer was especially touching for many viewers, given his father’s illness. After the show, Schwer paid tribute to his father via his Instagram page, and Windey added a beautiful comment to it. Some fans wonder if this note from “The Bachelorette” star was a sign of things to come.

Here’s what you need to know:

Schwer’s Father Died After Filming

The hometown date involving Windey and the Schwer family was filmed on April 24. During the group’s time together in New Jersey, the family patriarch talked about his experience with cancer. As TV Insider noted, he spent about 40 days in the ICU shortly before the hometown date. He had already surpassed earlier expectations doctors had regarding how long he would live given his diagnosis, more than once. Sadly, it was clear during the hometown date cancer had taken a significant toll on him.

As “The Bachelorette” viewers know, Windey has worked as an ICU nurse, which gave her an opportunity to connect with her beau’s father in a very special way. Sadly, the senior Schwer died on July 6, just days before season 19 of “The Bachelorette” premiered. After episode 7 aired, the “Bachelorette” suitor honored his father on his Instagram page. It did not take long for fans to notice Windey had commented on that post.

Windey Described Her Time With Schwer’s Family As a ‘Blessing’

“The Bachelorette” contestant’s Instagram post included a photo along with a simple red heart emoji in the caption. The photo was taken at the beach, and Schwer held a photo of him as a toddler with his father, what looked like a card from the memorial service, and he had what appeared to be his father’s wedding ring on his index finger. Plenty of “Bachelorette” fans “liked” the post and commented to send their support, and quite a few of his fellow contestants did as well.

“Thank you for sharing this moment with us all, sending your family love,” wrote Recchia.

“He raised a good man,” shared Logan Palmer.

James Clarke, who was nicknamed “Meatball,” sent Schwer his love, as did fellow “Bachelorette” contestants Jason Alabaster, Tyler Norris, and Zach Shallcross. Windey’s comment, however, seemed to garner more attention from fans than any of the others.

“I can’t thank your family enough for letting me in during such a vulnerable time,” she wrote. “It was such a blessing to witness your family’s love first hand. Thank you for sharing it,” Windey continued.

While “Bachelorette” fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out how Windey’s journey ends, Schwer is one of her final three at this stage. Spoilers have teased he has been one to keep an eye on, and all signs point toward the two maintaining a special connection with one another even now. “I hope you end up together,” one fan added under Windey’s Instagram comment. “I hope you two were able to watch last night’s episode together,” added another. Of course, neither “Bachelorette” star could comment on those notes, but Windey clearly felt it was important to support Schwer after the hometown date aired.

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