Former ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Reveals Incredible Body Transformation

Bachelor in Paradise final rose

ABC A rose awaits during the filming of a "Bachelor in Paradise" finale.

Oftentimes, “Bachelor Nation” work hard to look their best as they start filming the show. In the case of one former contestant, difficult developments that came long after the cameras stopped rolling that sparked a major transformation. Evan Bass first appeared on “The Bachelorette” with JoJo Fletcher, and then he did “Bachelor in Paradise.” During his time on the beach in Mexico, he fell for Carly Waddell, and they got engaged in the finale. Now, a marriage, two new kids, and a divorce later, Bass is sharing the results of all the hard work he put in to improve both his mental and physical health, and the results are stunning.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bass Shifted His Focus Away From Stress & Angst

The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star told Us Weekly, “When I was going through h***, working on my body was the one thing in my life I could actually control.” He was working with a trainer already and had regularly worked out for years prior to his big turning point. However, he had not achieved the results he wanted. More recently, his trainer Josh Stiglets helped Bass change his mindset, and it led to significant results. He “figured out a path that felt naturally good without pressure” and the results have been rather shocking.

“I feel so much better physically which has positively affected my mental life,” Bass says of how he is now. “My trainer was there to help me focus on getting stronger instead of stress and angst.” Not only has Bass shifted his exercise regimen and eating style, but he’s also worked with a life coach too. He says his coach has “changed my outlook from impending doom to cautious optimism.” There has been therapy as well, where he focused on “dealing with the trauma of divorce.” The combination of those specialists led Bass to a place where he found himself in perhaps the best shape of his life.

Bass Found ‘a Win’ For Himself

Evan Bass Opens Up About Healing After His Divorce from Carly WaddellBachelor Nation stars Evan Bass and Carly Waddell found love and got engaged on Season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” They returned in Season 4 to have their wedding in Sayulita, Mexico, in front of family, friends, and “Bachelor in Paradise” cast members. They went on to have two children together before announcing their divorce…2022-06-23T22:12:02Z

With the help of his therapist, life coach, and trainer, Bass “was able to get focused and decrease my body fat from 15 percent to 6 percent and gain about 20 pounds of muscle.” His weight went from 157 to 172 pounds, he noted, and that was by doing “almost no cardio and [focusing] on weight training.” The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star insisted he doesn’t “want to be a guy that stares at myself in the mirror for too long, I don’t really care about how much I can lift, or having abs forever.” He does care, though, about “how finding muscle gains and healthy weight loss leads to feeling better.”

Bass admitted, “When I felt like failure was everywhere in my life I found that changing my physical body for the better was somewhere I could find a win.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” personality has shared a couple of shirtless selfies via his Instagram stories that reveal his massive transformation, as E! News detailed. So far, however, he hasn’t posted any of those jaw-dropping selfies in traditional media posts that don’t expire. The divorce may have been extremely difficult for him, but it certainly seems he’s pushed forward and found himself in a good place now.

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