Evan Bass’ Ex-Wife Reveals New Details About His Split From Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Unlikely Heroes Carly Waddell and Evan Bass recently announced their split.

Days after Carly Waddell and Evan Bass announced their impending divorce, Bass’ ex-wife Marie spoke with Reality Steve to reveal the couple has been split for nearly two years.

Steve Carbone, the man behind the spoiler account, revealed he and Marie have been in contact since Bass first appeared on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. In November 2019, she reached out to tell Carbone the fan-favorite couple had been living apart for months. When asked if they were broken up by June 2019, she added, “I want to say it was February of 2019 that she left and moved to Pegram.”

According to Marie, Waddell left Bass before she was even showing during her pregnancy with their son Charlie, now 13 months old. She said, “It just seemed like he was really heartbroken and really, really, really didn’t want it to end and that is why I believe that it did, that they have been separated for almost two years is because he didn’t want it to end.”

Waddell and Bass met on season three of Bachelor in Paradise, returning the following season for their televised wedding. In addition to Bass’ three sons with Marie, he shares daughter Bella and son Charlie with Waddell.

Despite being potentially split for nearly two years, Bass and Waddell had appeared as a happy couple up until just months before their announcement.

“My friends and my kids [have] said things you know like ‘I can’t believe that they’re trying to portray that they’re together. It’s just mind-blowing’ and I didn’t have an answer for it,” said Marie. “I really just didn’t have an answer for it. I, I, the only thing that I can believe is that you know, Evan just didn’t want it to end. And he was gonna do anything he could to try to make it work.”

Waddell launched her YouTube channel only six months ago under the guise of being happily married to Bass. During her Christmas vlog following their announcement, she said, “This is a weird week for me, because, most of you know Evan and I are getting a divorce.” Waddell, who first appeared on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, wiped away tears before she added, “Said so casually, um, and I don’t know how to do Christmas alone.”

According to Marie, Bass will likely never speak out because he is so private. However, she said Waddell portraying herself as lonely “turns my stomach a little bit.”

She continued, “She chose to be lonely because she left him and that is her choice so yeah, it is lonely. And you know, she can feel lonely…. She can voice it that she’s lonely and that’s great and she needs to work through that and I hope she heals…. But she did choose this and I know for a fact Evan didn’t want it.”

Marie reveals she chose to speak out in Bass’ defense because she has heard rumblings of him being to blame. She told Carbone, “I don’t know, maybe it seems like he just dropped, you know, his wife and the mother of his children, but that’s just not the case. This man adored her and I know that he tried really, really hard and it wasn’t good enough.”

Carbone asked Marie if she saw reconciliation as a possibility for Waddell and Bass.

“Being a young mom is really hard, I know that, and there’s a lot of hormonal changes that happens when you have babies and there’s just a lot of change and it’s hard. It is hard and it affects the relationship,” she said. “I don’t know that that did affect the relationship, but I know it affected [his and mine]. So who knows, in a couple years, I don’t know.”

What she did make clear is her hope Bass finds peace.

Marie and Bass Were Married for Nine Years

Marie told Carbone she and Bass were married for nine years after meeting on a blind date in 2004. They got married later that same year, with Bass adopting her two-year-old son and welcoming two more together.

Despite their relationship being on great terms before he appeared on the dating franchise, things had soured upon his return. Marie admitted to calling him a “deadbeat dad.”

“I think I was so pissed off that he left for so long and then came back and… it felt like he really wanted the boys to be integrated into his new life with no respect for me as their mother,” said Marie. “He just started making decisions without me and that really upset me, because we for so long had been making decisions together as their parents.”

She continued, “Right or wrong in that, it is what it is and I’ve apologized to Evan many times actually for that and it’s all good now, but I had my moment of just being like ‘this is bullshit.’”

They have since repaired their relationship and Marie admitted Bass is a doting father who has custody of his kids every other week.

Marie and Waddell Had a Bumpy Start

Marie was surprised by her dynamic with Waddell following Bachelor in Paradise.

“I genuinely expected to kind of blend her into the family and have a mature, adult co-parenting type relationship with her,” she said. While they never came together, she did note Waddell appeared at her children’s sporting events.

Their relationship stayed bumpy after Marie admitted to “popping off” after seeing Waddell make disparaging remarks about Bass before returning his affections on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I think I said that she was, had no class and no character because of what she said on national television and that he shouldn’t marry her,” she admitted. “I said that publicly, on social media I think. I had some anger moments where I just was like ‘This is absolutely crazy. This can’t happen. She is a trainwreck!’”

While they were never able to come together, her kids bonded quickly with their half-sister. Marie said, “[Bella] is the cutest, sweetest little thing in the whole world and the more she could be around the better for them. They really love her.”

Neither Bass nor Waddell has commented on Marie’s statements.

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