EXCLUSIVE: JoJo Fletcher Talks ‘Bachelorette’ Season, Wedding Plans, New Projects, & More

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JoJo Fletcher is busier than ever!

The former “Bachelorette” star recently chatted with Heavy about all her exciting new ventures, wedding plans, Katie Thurston’s season of the show, and more.

For years, Fletcher has inspired fans with her eye for all things home, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. Fletcher is celebrating National Garage Sale Day on August 14 by partnering with Mercari, the online marketplace that connects millions of people across the U.S. to shop and sell items no longer being used. She’s also celebrating the recent launch of Mercari Local.

Fans can even enter to win a makeover by none other than Fletcher herself from today, August 12 through Friday, August 27. Fletcher herself will be selling some bulkier items in Dallas via Mercari Local as well as other exciting items “from clothes to home decor” through Mercari.

“It was a sign that I needed,” Fletcher told Heavy of her partnership with Mercari. “I have an entire room that is just designated for all of my stuff that I don’t have a space for, so with Mercari, we’re just encouraging people and letting them know how easy it is to post your items, sell them, declutter your space, and to make room for a nicer space. This is a great partnership for me!”

As for the sweepstakes, Fletcher is eager to help a lucky someone out. “I love helping people reimagine their spaces,” she told Heavy. “They’ll get a video consultation with me, I can help kind of work through the space, give advice on how I would decorate it, and lay it out…It’s super exciting I love it.”

Fletcher Dished on the Latest ‘Bachelorette’ Season

It’s been more than five years since Fletcher starred as the “Bachelorette” and found love with fiancé Jordan Rodgers, but she still keeps in touch with many of the leading ladies. The latest season ended Monday, August 9, and lead Thurston found love with her now fiancé Blake Moynes.

Fletcher told Heavy that she, “Sent Katie a text message and congratulated her.” She added, “We’re on this ‘Bachelorette’ group chat, and we’re all chiming in, but she’s happier than ever! She’s excited that it’s done, and she’s just ready to live her life with Blake now, so we’re all excited for her.”

The interior design expert continued saying, “They seem very similar to me, their personalities go so well together. I know that her journey hasn’t necessarily been easy, and it never it is, but she handled one blow after another in the best way she could and you know what, you gotta give people grace in those situations, because you never know what it’s like to be in there, and I think everyone’s just excited to see this relationship unfold after the fact.”

She noted that while the journey is, “glamorous, fun, amazing, and a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she understands how it can also be, “emotionally taxing and exhausting and hard to navigate through your feelings.”

Fletcher Shared a Wedding Update

Fans have been eagerly waiting to see her and Rodgers’ ever-anticipated wedding, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the couple has had to postpone it. The two were originally supposed to tie the knot in May 2020, and when they postponed it for May 2021, they were still unable to celebrate accordingly.

“We have gotten really good at rolling with the punches,” Fletcher joked. “Time is our friend, so we just moved it to one year later, so it’s going to be May of next year, and it’s happening no matter what, okay! We’re doing it!”

She added, “We just want it to be super special, and we want all our family and friends to be there, so we made the right decision and it’s going to happen how it’s supposed to.”

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