Bachelor Nation Star & Famous Girlfriend Engage in Drunken, Public Spectacle

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It’s no secret that most reality TV stars love attention. Some more than others. On July 24, a well-known reality couple made sure all eyes were on them as they chugged booze straight from the bottle, and participated in a public lap dance.  The couple in question? Bachelor Nation’s Blake Horstmann and his girlfriend and star of the hit Netflix series, “Love is Blind,” Giannina Gibelli.

WATCH Drunken Lap Dance

Horstmann posted a video of the pair partying on Instagram with the caption “Soooo this is what happens when you drink too much @spadeandsparrows at a live @offthevinepodcast 😂😅#sorrymom”

Horstmann and Gibelli were part of an event promoting Spade and Sparrows wine. As Monsters & Critics describes, “Giannina could be seen rubbing up against Blake, flipping her hair around, grinding against him, and then taking a huge swig of the wine and kissing Blake seductively.”

The outlet continues, “Following that mix of events, Giannina stood and jumped up in the air, trying to get an even bigger rouse out of the people in the audience, as Blake, too, threw his arm up in the air.”

As a professional DJ, Horstmann is used to getting a rise out of crowds. In fact, he recently landed his first headlining show in Las Vegas. Gibelli is a self-proclaimed “Soulpreneur,” which apparently has something to do with “social media consulting and marketing,” according to Yahoo!

Fan Reactions Were Divided

Instagram users had plenty to say about the couple’s carrying on. One user posted, “This happens when you date a hot Latina,” to which Horstmann responded, “this is the caption 😂.”  Another fan wrote, “I just woke up & this was the hype i needed.”  One fan expressed, “Everything about this makes my heart happy.”

Someone else who enjoyed the video commented, “I love how imperfectly perfect this is,” while another posted, “G’s a little freak.”  Another enthusiastic fan wrote, “The dance is great but the same timing of the arm pump at the end is 🔥!! You two are meant to be!! 😍.”

Not everyone was so impressed. One poster wrote, “I like y’all together but this video is cringy.” Another commented, “I wish I could unsee this,” to which someone replied, “glad it’s not just me 😂 why is it so cringe.” One viewer’s critique read “now that I think of that song the rhythm of the dance doesn’t match the song’s at all.”

Relationship Timeline

Horstmann was the runner-up on Becca Kufrin’s season of “The Bachelor.” He was a fan favorite until he showed up on season six of “Bachelor in Paradise,” where he was at the center of the infamous “Stagecoach Controversy” reports E News. Basically, he slept with two Bachelor Nation women during the same country festival weekend.

The DJ has moved past that now, having publicly announced in June that he and Gibelli, who he met during the filming of another reality show, “All Star Shore,” are in love. Gibelli recently told E News that she would be “the happiest person in the entire world” if she and Horstmann were to get engaged.

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