Fans Blast Mike Fleiss for Promise of Scandal ‘Investigation’

Mike Fleiss

Getty Executive Producer Mike Fleiss attends The Hollywood Radio & Television Society Presents "The Unscripted Hitmakers" luncheon.

Things are getting quite dramatic within “Bachelor Nation” this week, after spoiler king Reality Steve revealed some tantalizing information on “The Bachelorette” frontrunner Nate Mitchell. Shortly after Reality Steve shared what he had uncovered about Mitchell, Fleiss took to Twitter and generated a lot of buzz with his posts.

Reality Steve exposed details from two different women who said they dated Mitchell, with some overlap in their relationship timelines. Not only did that raise eyebrows, but the gal he dated for more than a year did not know he had a daughter, nor did she know he had been married and his divorce wasn’t final until far into their relationship. Many fans thought Mitchell was a frontrunner to become “The Bachelor,” if he did not get a “Bachelorette” final rose, and that perception seems to have Fleiss scrambling.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fleiss Initially Asked Fans for “Bachelor” Lead Suggestions

Fleiss first dipped his toe into this fresh round of drama by asking via Twitter on August 9, “Ok, so who should we pick as your next #TheBachelor???” This was the same day Reality Steve addressed what he’d learned about Mitchell. There were plenty of responses, including Susie Evans joking, “Give Clayton another go at it!” As “The Bachelor” fans know, Evans and Clayton Echard reunited after drama during his season, and they are still together now. There were plenty of other suggestions, including several fans who suggested Mitchell. “Let’s pump the brakes on Nate for a minute while the Reality Steve news plays out,” responded one “Bachelor” fan. Another tweeted, “I was a Nate stan, but the allegations against him are strong… He’s a smooth talker, but a liar & cheater shouldn’t be rewarded with the title of ‘Bachelor.’”

That prompted additional tweets from Fleiss. He did not reference Mitchell by name, but it was clear that’s who he was referencing. “Don’t jump to conclusions about certain cast members based on mere allegations, as disturbing as they may be,” he noted. “I beg you to wait until all the facts come out before making any judgments.” After insisting an investigation into the situation was started, he soon claimed, “the man in question is nothing like the guy ‘these women have made him out to be.’” He also tweeted, “Since there is an innocent, young child in the situation, we must conduct a full and complete investigation!!!” In addition, Fleiss insisted, “we believe that casting decisions should never be exploitive. There are more important things than ratings!”

Many Fans Were Taken Aback by Fleiss’ Tweets

Almost immediately, multiple discussions developed within “The Bachelor” sub on Reddit. An overwhelming majority of those who shared their thoughts agreed Fleiss’ take on the Mitchell situation was problematic.

“MF vouching for you just makes you even worse so I’m completely out on Nate,” one person commented.

“Mike doesn’t care, and Nate is exactly the kind of bachelor they want. One who love bombs a ton of women but means none of it and the relationship is over by ATFR after he’s caused a ton of drama and crying,” another “Bachelor” fan detailed.

“Should he be crucified? No!! But he should be held accountable and should not be rewarded with the role of the ‘Bachelor,’” concurred someone else.

“BREAKING: notorious misogynist defends awful behavior from local man, more at 11,” a viewer quipped of Fleiss.

“He has to be their pick for the next ‘Bachelor’ for Fleiss to be this defensive,” suggested another fan of Mitchell.

A formal announcement regarding the next “Bachelor” lead will likely emerge in the next month or so, and fans will be eager to see if Mitchell gets the nod after all of this drama.

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