Fans Slam Nate for ‘Bulls**t’ Apology on the ‘Bachelorette’ Men Tell All

Nate Mitchell

ABC Nate Mitchell.

One of “The Bachelor” franchise’s most popular episodes, “The Men Tell All,” aired on Monday August 29. Not surprisingly, the drama was intense.  The two Bachelorette leads, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia were in attendance. So were many of the men who have made things interesting this season, minus villains Hayden Markowitz and Chris Austin, who were “too scared” to face the music, Windey told ET Online.

Nate Mitchell Talks About Accusations

Jesse Palmer, Nate Mitchell

ABCNate Mitchell on ‘The Men Tell All.’

One contestant who fans were particularly eager to hear from was Nate Mitchell. Michell was sent home by Windey just before hometowns in a tearful goodbye that had many fans in tears. Although the Michael B. Jordan look-a-like started out as a fan favorite, his reputation quickly dissolved when spoiler king, Reality Steve, revealed accusations about the single father made by two of his ex-girlfriends.

The first ex, Kelsey Fankhauser told Reality Steve (and provided plenty of documentation) that she dated Mitchell for about 18 months, and he never told her about this daughter. Reality Steve was very skeptical so he put on his investigator hat and went searching for verification. In the process, he spoke with another of Mitchell’s exes, former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Laree Starke. Both women were able to provide proof that Mitchell was two-timing them.

The controversy was never addressed on the show until “The Men Tell All” on Monday. Host Jesse Palmer asked Mitchell to come up and sit in the “hot seat” where he asked him about the accusations. They first addressed the reason he did not tell Fankhauser that he had a daughter. Mitchell’s explanation was that he was trying to protect his daughter because she means the world to him and he doesn’t want to just introduce her to random people.

The discussion then turned to why he was dating two women at the same time. Mitchell blamed the situation on poor communication and his not being willing to commit at that time. The tears were flowing as he tried to reassure the audience that when he was with Windey, he was completely genuine and ready to commit to her.

Fans Aren’t Buying What Mitchell Is Selling

Although Mitchell certainly has his fair share of supporters, including Windey herself, many fans found the apology to be “weak” and “insincere.”  Part of the reason for the lack of trust in Mitchell likely comes from the fact that “Bachelorette” creator and producer Mike Fleiss has been pushing very hard for Mitchell to be the next “Bachelor” despite the social media stir.

After the accusations were made public, Fleiss tweeted, “Don’t jump to conclusions about certain cast members based on mere allegations, as disturbing as they may be. I beg you to wait until all the facts come out before making any judgments. #TheBachelorette.” Some fans threatened to quit watching the show if Mitchell was named the next lead.

Many Reddit fans were not swayed by Fleiss’ plea or by Mitchell’s apology on the MTA. One poster commented, “Maybe it’s just the edit but it didnt really sound like he held himself accountable and learned from the situation so to me it makes someone who I already thought was a bit performative just totally seem ‘all talk.’”

“He is full of BS imo and was fed those one liners by producers…’make yourself cry to be more appealing as potential bachelor…” one poster wrote.

Another fan wrote, “The excuse that he was protecting his daughter was very weak. He could have not had the girl meet his daughter or not mentioned the girl to the daughter. All perfectly fine and even admirable. But to not even mention the daughter?”

Someone responded, “I agree – the explanation he gave at the MTA was not believable (even my fiancé said bs as he was talking)…He kinda owned up to it, but I didn’t buy that he was really ‘protecting’ his daughter by not even mentioning her.”

One commenter posted, “And then framing the ‘dating two women at once’ thing as a ‘communication issue.’ Like OOF I don’t think that’s getting talked about enough.”

Another poster made the point that, “He wants to protect his daughter and then signs up for the bachelorette where he (and his daughter ) are exposed to millions of people.👍”

That comment received the response, “This, lmao. Won’t say anything in private to one woman, but will say something on national TV to another woman…and millions of viewers. I’m beginning to see the value in the job of a publicist (used to just think, ‘hey people can think before they talk!’) because when some people speak for themselves, it comes off bad.”

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