Fans Call Nick Viall ‘Delusional’ for Saying ‘No One’s Liked Their Bachelor Since Me’

Nick Viall

Getty Nick Viall: "No one's like their Bachelor since me."

Nick Viall, 42, caused quite a stir in Bachelor Nation last week after he said fans have not liked a Bachelor since he took on the lead position in 2017.

Here’s what you need to know

Nick Claims No One Has Liked a Bachelor Since Him

On the Tuesday, February 7 episode of his podcast “The Viall Files,” Nick and his guest host American journalist Elizabeth Wagmeister were discussing the current Bachelor Zach Shallcross and the public perception that he is “boring” when Nick suggested no one has liked a Bachelor since his season. 

“No one’s liked their Bachelor literally since me and I was polarizing,” he said.

Nick’s producer Amanda Lifford jumped in and suggested fans liked Matt James, who took on the role in 2021.

“Not as the Bachelor, no,” Nick replied.

The “Viall Files” host elaborated, saying people were excited about Matt because he was the first Black Bachelor and he had built up an online following prior to the season due to his friendship with fan-favorite Tyler Cameron.

“Obviously, being the first Black Bachelor that was a monumental and wonderful step in the right direction for the franchise,” he said. “All that aside, when his season started airing, yeah, no.”

“It was all downhill,” he added.

Watch the full February 7 episode HERE.

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Nick’s Claim

A fan reshared a clip from the February 7 episode on Reddit and fans had a strong reaction to Nick’s claim that no one has liked a Bachelor since him.

“He’s delusional,” one Reddit user wrote.

“The ego of this man,” a second user replied.

“I mean props for confidence I guess,” a third user added.

“Full of himself as usual,” a fourth user wrote.

Reality Steve Reacts to Nick’s Claim: ‘F*** Nick’

Fans weren’t the only ones who took issue with Nick’s statements on the February 7 episode.

Popular blogger Reality Steve responded to Nick’s “No one’s liked their Bachelor since me” claim on the February 9 episode of his podcast “Reality Steve Podcast.”

“F*** Nick,” he said.

The blogger turned podcast host then began bashing Nick’s personality calling him “insufferable.”

“I don’t know if there [is] a more insufferable, narcissistic windbag than this guy,” he said.

Steven told listeners when he first heard Nick’s statement about being the last liked Bachelor, he tried to give the “Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday” author the benefit of the doubt.

“I listened to it and I was like, ‘Maybe I heard it out of context,'” he said. “I was actually trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.”

“No,” he continued. “It’s such a ridiculous, self-absorbed, narcissistic statement that it’s not even explainable.”

He ended the rant by asking Nick what his problem is and telling fans he is not a fan of the “Viall Files” host.

Steve’s take on Nick’s recent statements shouldn’t be too surprising considering the two have been open about not being each other’s biggest fans.

Stay tuned for more updates.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time on ABC.

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