Reality Steve Reveals Major Details for Gabby & Rachel’s Season

Rachel Recchia Gabby Winde

ABC Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

Reality Steve has received some insider information about the new season of “The Bachelorette” which has already started filming.

Both Gabby Windey and Rachel Rechhia have met their suitors and have already been on a couple of dates. The two women met the same group of 30-something guys, and will continue getting to know them over the next few weeks.

Reality Steve doesn’t know how every detail of the show is going to play out, but he has a good idea about the travel schedule — and he debunked some internet gossip, too.

On March 31, 2022, Steve confirmed that the information that he received that claimed Connor Brennan from Katie Thurston was going to be on the season was incorrect. Connor won’t be meeting Gabby and Rachel and won’t have a role on the new season.

“Clearly, Connor is not on this season. That information I was given was wrong. What’s funny is, even now knowing he’s not on the season, I’m still kinda surprised. The info I was given really made me think that he was gonna be on. Obviously I can’t get into what it was or who told me, but just know it wasn’t done maliciously. Or wasn’t done for clicks. I reported what I believed to be true based on information I was given. It happened to be wrong,” Steve wrote on his blog.

He then dove into a few more important details about the upcoming season.

Here’s what you need to know:

Part of Rachel & Gabby’s Season Will Take Place on a Cruise Ship

Perhaps even before Rachel and Gabby were named ABC’s newest “Bachelorette’s,” rumors that the new season would take place on a cruise ship were running wild on the internet.

Someone on Reddit shared that passengers who were scheduled to embark on a Virgin Voyage Cruise in the coming weeks were notified that their cruise was canceled because the ship was going to be used for filming.

“Virgin Voyages cancels a month of cruises with only 12 days notice to charter the ship for ‘The Bachelorette’ filming,” one Redditor wrote, kicking off a new thread on March 10, 2022.

Reality Steve has confirmed that this will indeed happen.

“After they leave LA, they will fly to UK Portsmouth and board the Virgin Voyage cruise, and that will be their transportation and lodging while in Europe. When they leave UK Portsmouth, they will dock at Le Havre, France,” he revealed.

Gossip About Hometown Dates Is Incorrect

There was a rumor that Gabby and Rachel would be splitting Hometown dates, getting to meet the families of two suitors each.

While this may have made sense to a lot of fans, Reality Steve claims that’s not actually what’s happening.

“For Gabby and Rachel, however many hometowns each get, it will still be filmed the same way, but each of them will be filming hometowns on the same day, obviously in different cities with a split crew unless they have one guy they both want in their final 3/4,” he wrote.

“So lets say April 24th is a Hometown filming day (just doing the math, it should be somewhere around that time), Gabby will be filming hers somewhere and Rachel will be filming hers somewhere else on the same day. It will either be 3 or 4 hometowns for each. I’ll know more as we get closer. But this gossip they were only getting two each is definitely wrong. Not sure where that info came from,” Steve added.

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