Gabby Windey Teases ‘Bachelorette’ Fans: ‘Notice Anything New?’

Gabby Windey

ABC Gabby Windey is announced as "The Bachelorette."

Gabby Windey has finished filming Season 19 of “The Bachelorette” and she is back on social media. Spoilers regarding her journey to find love have slowly trickled out, but the big question regarding whether she’s engaged remains an unknown. On May 25, Windey shared a tease on Instagram that likely generated a fair amount of buzz among her followers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gabby Windey Showed off Her Left Hand

The now-expired Instagram Story featured Windey showing off one hand as she asked if people noticed anything new. She noted she was not fishing for compliments, and she twisted her hand to show off all angles. It was her left hand that she featured in the video, and she had long, red nails that looked freshly done. She also wore quite a few rings, and they all appeared to be fairly simple bands. In fact, some of the rings may be the same ones Windey sported in photos from before her time filming “The Bachelorette.”

None of the rings were sparkly engagement rings, a possibility “The Bachelorette” fans likely immediately analyzed. Windey had two rings on her ring finger, but neither of them was elaborate designs that would signify an engagement. Could one ring on that finger be a symbolic placeholder of sorts if she is engaged to her final rose recipient? She did not provide any clarification in that regard, and she likely is not allowed to do much more than tease right now.

‘Bachelorette’ Stars Can’t Flaunt Their Status Right After Filming

As Screenrant detailed, secrecy is key in the months after filming “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.” There are always a couple of months, at a minimum, where a final couple needs to keep their status secret before the finale for their season airs. The contestants know there is the threat of a million-dollar fine hanging over them if they give anything major away, although nobody has had to pay that so far. That need for secrecy means couples cannot be spotted together publicly before the finale airs. It also means the ladies don’t get to sport their engagement rings during that time.

If Windey is engaged, “The Bachelorette” fans likely will not know it for a while. Windey leads Season 19 alongside fellow bachelorette Rachel Recchia, and their season premieres on July 11. Every season plays out a little differently regarding teasers and spoilers, in that sometimes leads can reveal they are engaged early on and others are told by production to play coy. Whether Windey is engaged or not, fans should not expect to see an actual engagement ring adorning her finger until the “After the Final Rose” special in the fall.

There are rumors floating around about Windey’s final few guys and perhaps even her final pick. For now, however, she’s limited to toying with “The Bachelorette” fans a bit while staying mum on how her season ended. She has seemed in great spirits since filming wrapped and fans will be eager to see how her journey to find her Mr. Right plays out in Season 19.

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