Gabby Windey Teases Her Final Pick, Says He ‘Came for the Right Reasons’

Gabby Windey

ABC Gabby Windey appeared on "The Bachelor."

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will spend season 19 of “The Bachelorette” looking for love and their season debuts on July 11. While they cannot share specifics regarding their final rose ceremonies or current status yet, Windey shared a bit of a tease in a recent Instagram Story.

Here’s what you need to know:

Windey Showed off Her Sense of Humor With Her Tease

On June 2, Windey opened up an opportunity via her Instagram page for “The Bachelorette” fans to ask her questions. She replied to a range of questions, from favorite foods to her former cheerleading days to show-related topics. It was when someone got bold and simply asked, “Who did you end up with” that Windey embraced the opportunity to get a little silly. Naturally, she could not actually answer this question with the full truth. “Bachelor Nation” leads are always sworn to secrecy about such things until the season finale airs. However, Windey had a response that allowed her to answer, rather than ignore, that particular question.

In her reply, Windey shared a photo of actor Zac Efron. She added text teasing, “He came for the right reasons swear.” As “Bachelor Nation” fans know, questioning a contestant’s actual intentions and trying to determine if they are on the show for the “right reasons” is something that pops up frequently. In fact, the phrase pops up so often on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” that it was the basis for a Soulja Boy song, “For the Right Reasons,” and the music video for it was incorporated into Desiree Hartsock’s journey to find love. If Zefron was actually one of Windey’s suitors, it would certainly be fair to wonder if he was there for the right reasons given his star status.

The Mystery Regarding Windey’s Final Pick Remains for Now

As fun as it would have been, it seems fair to say Efron was not a contestant on “The Bachelorette” and did not receive Windey’s final rose. Alas, fans are left guessing and wondering for now. Windey stuck with the Efron joke in a subsequent Instagram Story as she continued to answer questions from fans. One fan asked simply, “Marry me,” and she was ready with an Efron-inspired reply. “If me n zac don’t work out then ya but gotta take a break brb,” she joked.

It did not take long for Windey’s post to generate some conversation on Reddit. Zacron became a star with the Disney movie “High School Musical,” and has been making hearts flutter ever since. One Reddit poster wondered if Windey’s decision to use Efron as her joke final pick was indicative of her usual type. Someone else pointed out, however, that she previously dated “Bachelor Nation” veteran Dean Unglert. “Based on dean I wouldn’t be surprised if her type is slightly ruggedly hot white boy,” a poster joked. Another person noted, “Probably just a celeb crush. She’s in the same age bracket as me and we were all crazy about Zac Efron. He was everyone’s type in 2008 lmao.”

This is not the first time Windey has teased “The Bachelorette” fans since filming wrapped, and it probably is not the last. It will take a while for everybody to learn the truth about what happened at her final rose ceremony, but in the meantime, she seems to be having a lot of fun joking around about it.

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