Gerry Turner Declares He’s Found His Person on ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner, and Theresa Nist

Heavy/ABC Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner, and Theresa Nist star on "The Golden Bachelor."

The finale for the debut season of “The Golden Bachelor” with Gerry Turner is set to air on November 30. Turner has chosen to take Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist on overnight Fantasy Suite dates, and one of them will receive his final rose. Ahead of viewers seeing that play out on screen, he teased a little bit about how his journey to find love again ended.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner Ultimately Found a ‘Clear Choice’

Until recently, Turner had not shared anything very specific regarding whether or not his journey to find love again was successful. He hinted at it, but more recently, “The Golden Bachelor” star has been more direct.

In an interview with journalist Gayle King, he revealed, “I’ve found the person,” shared Page Six. “The Golden Bachelor” star admitted, though, “It was a very difficult choice.”

Turner explained, “The three women at the end are all unique. I love them all, but there was a clear choice.”

During the November 9 “Women Tell All” episode, “The Golden Bachelor” viewers watched as Turner eliminated Faith Martin. The decision left many viewers stunned, and Martin was shocked as well.

After the episode aired, Turner told Sherri Shepherd he and Martin whispered they loved one another during their final farewell hug. Even though strong feelings have lingered, Turner seemingly has no doubt he made the best decision for him.

“The Golden Bachelor” star explained to King his decision regarding which woman to choose was “Clarified in the fantasy suites.”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Said He Faced a ‘Difficult Conflict’ in Choosing

King’s interview with Turner was previewed at the “ROAR Forward Summit” on November 9. King moderated a panel during the event which was titled “Entertainment & The New Longevity: What’s Next.”

“The Golden Bachelor” star admitted, “I hated the rose ceremonies,” noting those were the worst part of his overall experience.

During their chat, King admitted she really liked Martin as a pick for Turner. However, King also thought Fhima was a good choice.

“I’m going to have to go with Faith because you and Faith have something,” King shared. She added, “Although Leslie, the fitness instructor, she has a lot of enthusiasm which I really like.”

Turner could not say much in response without giving too much away. He did tell King, however, that her “Comments are really on point.” He also told her, “Now, you understand how difficult the conflict was for me because I was in the moment trying to pick.”

Turner’s Daughters Have Some Hesitation Regarding a Bachelorette

During the November 16 episode, Turner will have his Fantasy Suite dates with Nist and Fhima. A preview shared on “The Golden Bachelor” Instagram page revealed both ladies will also meet Turner’s daughters before all is said and done.

The overnight dates, time with Turner’s family, and final rose ceremony were all filmed in Costa Rica. The sneak peek shows Turner seemingly telling Nist he loves her. However, he also tells Fhima, “I think you’re the one” when they’re in their Fantasy Suite.

Both ladies tell Turner’s daughters they would say yes to a proposal. When “The Golden Bachelor” star’s daughters reconnect with Turner, however, they seem to voice some concern over one of the two ladies.

“She says that she is there,” one of his daughters tells Turner. Then, she makes a facial expression signaling her doubt that what the bachelorette said was entirely accurate.

“The Golden Bachelor” fans have their theories about who receives Turner’s final rose. Solid spoilers, however, remain under wraps regarding that key detail. Turner makes it clear he’s happy with his decision, but is it Fhima or Nist who became the woman he could not live without?

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