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Gerry Turner is set to make his Bachelor Nation debut on September 28 and the inaugural “Golden Bachelor” lead star opened up about one of his biggest misconceptions about the show ahead of the premiere.

Turner, 72, told Us Weekly that he didn’t understand how other Bachelor stars were falling in love with multiple contestants. “I thought, ‘No, that’s absolutely not possible. That’s silly.’ How wrong I was,” he admitted.

“Because through the course of the journey, I really felt strong feelings for several of the women,” he added. “In retrospect, I realized that in that particular moment, whenever it was — the setting was such that, ‘Yeah, it was easy to look at someone and tell ’em that you loved ’em.’ But once you get through it all and you look back, then you realize that there is just really one person that really meets the standard in all situations that you want it to be,” he continued.

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Gerry Turner Said He Broke Several of His Rules During Filming of ‘The Golden Bachelor’, Including Kissing on the First Night

Turner also revealed that he’d set some rules for himself heading into the season, some of which were created based on advice he’d received from his daughters and granddaughters. Turner, an Indiana native, has two daughters named Angie and Jenny from his first marriage, and two granddaughters. “I had a few rules, but I was breaking them all,” he told the publication. “That was the problem. So I decided I would stop.”

“[My daughters and granddaughters] were worried that I was going to be that guy that was kissing everybody on the first night,” he continued. “And I said, ‘Nope, I’m not going to kiss anyone on the first night. You’re not going to see that. Maybe not even as we get into it.’ Well, as you’ll see, I failed on the very first night, but I don’t feel bad about it at all.”

“As time went on, many of those kisses were of affection. I really wanted to be supportive of all the women. I wanted them to feel good about themselves,” he added.

Gerry Turner Also Opened Up About the Fantasy Suites on the ‘Golden Bachelor’ & His Family Members’ Concerns About Them

Turner has also spoken about his daughters and granddaughters’ concerns about the Fantasy Suites, joking with Entertainment Tonight that they made his family members more nervous than him.

However, he told Parade that the Fantasy Suites ended up being a crucial component of his decision about the women he was dating because he wanted to be able to have deep, meaningful conversations without the cameras present. “When are you able to have open and frank conversations with someone without cameras and without the judgment of millions of people watching, the conversation is much more earnest and honest and revealing,” he said.

“The Golden Bachelor” will premiere on Thursday, September 28 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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