Greg Grippo Accused of Being Fake & Acting on ‘The Bachelorette’

ABC Greg Grippo & Katie Thurston.

On Monday, August 2, 2021, fans of “The Bachelorette” watched the most intense episode of the whole season thus far. While Hometown Dates seemed to be going well for Katie Thurston, things went south very quickly after she met Greg Grippo’s family.

After Katie met Greg’s family, he seemed really thrilled and wanted to share that he was falling in love with her. The two get to talking, and he opens up, telling Katie exactly how he feels. In return, however, Katie looks at him and replies, “I love looking at your face.” Greg sensed that something was off, and got hurt that Katie didn’t react better to him essentially pouring his heart out to her, especially because he told her that she was filling a huge void in his heart that had been in place since his father, Frank Grippo, died in 2018.

The two parted ways, albeit awkwardly, for the night, but, in what appears to be the next day, Greg decides to go to Katie’s room to talk to her. He tells her that he didn’t feel like she was being real with him when he opened up to her, and revealed that he was no longer happy filming the show and that he planned to leave.

The scene, which saw both Greg and Katie in tears, has fans completely torn over whose side to take. While some fans are adamant that Greg was right, and that Katie should have done more to reassure him that she was falling for him, others believe that Greg was manipulating her and putting on an act.

Here’s what you need to know:

Katie Posted About ‘Gaslighting’ After the Episode Aired

Before the scenes with Greg aired on Monday night’s episode, Katie had been live tweeting with the East coast. However, once things went down with Greg on screen, Katie bowed out. “Goodnight Twitter,” she wrote before things with Greg got intense.

After the scenes aired, Katie thanked fans for their support. “Thank you for the virtual hugs tonight,” she tweeted. Shortly thereafter, Katie shared this post about gaslighting on her Instagram Stories. While she didn’t make mention of Greg, her post supports fans who feel as though Greg was manipulating her — and putting on an act.

“Katie dodged a bullet. She would have been dropped after not showing the proper amount of appreciation for his brand new socks,” one Redditor commented on a thread about Greg.

“I am glad they’re not together for her sake. Greg has issues that go far beyond someone saying the L word on a tv show,” wrote another.

“No one should feel guilt tripped into changing their stance on anything. Ultimatums aren’t cool. It did feel like he was manipulating her…whether he recognized/intended it or not. He made her feel like she was backed into a wall and had to leave the show/confess her love to remain with him,” added a third.

Greg Has Been Accused of Faking His Feelings & Acting

From the beginning of the season, there have been rumors that Greg was only on the show for fame, and that he wasn’t really there to win Katie’s heart.

“His goal was always, always, always fame. He’s been trying to get on ‘The Bachelorette’ literally for years,” a source told The Sun back in July. “He needed a shortcut to success because he is not a go-getter on his own. He’s the biggest schemer of all. The way the world is believing this nice boy act is incredibly nauseating and sad for women. So many of us that know Greg are equally shocked and appalled at how different he’s coming off on the show. Beyond phony,” the source added.

That source also told the outlet that Greg wasn’t who he appeared to be on television. “First of all, he’s not shy or awkward like he’s trying to come off as on TV. Quite the opposite. Greg gets everything handed to him, gets away with bad behavior, and leaves girls either heartbroken and questioning themselves, or both. Then he discards them and starts fresh with a new girl with the same exact innocent boy act. He has zero sense of accountability. He grew up with people telling him how ‘hot and great’ he was. He knows it and he uses it,” the source explained.

This echoes other blinds posted to fan accounts that suggest that Greg went on the show for fame and attention. Many have pointed to the fact that he went to acting school as sort of proof that he wasn’t really in love with Katie.

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