‘The Bachelor’ News: Is Greg Grippo Still the Rumored Pick?

ABC Greg Grippo.

Greg Grippo has not officially been announced as the next “Bachelor” star by ABC, but, back on August 19, 2021, Reality Steve revealed that Greg was the person who inked a deal to hand out roses when the show returns in 2022.

Fans seemed really split on the rumored choice, and the internet was alive with debates on whether or not Greg should have been the chosen one, given his controversial exit on “The Bachelorette” in which he was accused of gaslighting and manipulating Katie Thurston. While the internet was busy going back and forth about Reality Steve’s report, the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, tweeted that “no official decision [had] been made” hours later.

“These decisions regarding our next [Bachelor] are complicated,” Fleiss tweeted. The next day, he took to Twitter again, writing, “our casting choice for your next [Bachelor] will unite #BachelorNation and solve all of the world’s problems…”

So, is Greg still the pick? And what’s the latest on the rumors?

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Still Thinks the new ‘Bachelor’ Will Be Greg

There has been a great deal of chatter about Greg’s rumored new role as “The Bachelor,” but nothing has really been solidified. If you follow fan accounts, you’ve probably seen people write in anonymously and say that they met Greg out and he told them he was asked to be “The Bachelor” or that he acted like he was going to be on the show. So, what’s really going on?

The truth of the matter is that no one actually knows what’s going on — and probably won’t know for sure until ABC makes the official announcement. However, Reality Steve posted a bit of an updated on September 7, 2021, and maintained that the name he’s been hearing is still Greg.

“Everyone’s got their theories, everyone’s got their predictions, everyone’s got their assumptions. All I know is I haven’t heard anything different from when I reported Greg a few weeks back. If something changes or I hear something different, then I’ll report it,” Steve wrote. He also revealed that he’s hoping that Greg is the pick. Why?

“I know how much that is going to set certain podcasters off in Bachelor Nation and how angry it’ll make them if he gets it. So for that reason, yeah, I’d love to see it. Whether or not he’ll be a good lead is irrelevant to me. I just wanna see those people be so beside themselves over a casting decision that they can’t see straight,” Steve explained.

Fans Are Wondering if Michael Allio Was Chosen

A new rumor has many fans wondering if Michael Allio was actually ABC’s original choice. A Reddit thread highlights a rumor that was started on TikTok that suggests that women had been cast for the new season of “The Bachelor” but started backing out.

“There is a video floating on Tik Tok that the Bachelor season was supposed to start filming soon but women who were casted have began to drop out. I know this is pure speculation but this makes me think that the next Bachelor is more likely Michael A. I could see women dropping out that might not be ready for a child yet. What are your thoughts?!” the original poster wrote.

“Gosh, this makes sense. Sad for Michael, if this is true. But women could also drop out if they knew it was Greg, right? I do think it was Michael, though,” one Redditor commented.

Overall, however, most people don’t seem to know what to believe at this point.

“I think it was Greg, and women dropped out because they knew he’s shady,” another Redditor suggested.

“I’ve also heard they told the women they’re going back to a bubble season, which would cause contestants to drop out as well,” a third person wrote.

“The more days pass, the more unsure I am of who the next Bachelor is,” another Redditor commented, summing up just about everyone’s feelings.

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