Hannah Brown Reveals How She Feels About Susie Evans Comparisons

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ABC Hannah Brown and Susie Evans.

Hannah Brown opened up about watching the most recent season of “The Bachelor,”  and she admitted that it was the first season of the ABC dating show that she felt “removed” from since she was a star on the franchise in 2019.

Fans knows that Brown’s ex, Peter Weber went on to star in his own leading stint, as did Matt James, who is the best friend of her “Bachelorette” runner-up, Tyler Cameron. Two of James’ castoffs, Katie Thurston and Michelle Young, then landed back-to-back roles as “The Bachelorette.”

“So this was the first time I felt like I could kind of watch in a way that felt a lot more removed from everything,” Brown told Us Weekly of Clayton Echard’s season.

But despite her best efforts to feel disconnected, Brown’s name was actually brought up by viewers throughout Echard’s season of the show—because his final lady looks like her twin.

Fans Constantly Compared Susie Evans to Hannah Brown

Susie Evans.


Susie Evans did not have a smooth ride on “The Bachelor.” Ahead of the Fantasy Suite dates in Iceland, Echard broke things off with her after she took issue with the fact that he slept with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia on his overnight dates with them. Despite their bad breakup, Echard and Evans reconnected off-camera and are planning to move in together.

Throughout all the drama, fans noticed the similarities between Evans and former leading lady Brown. Even Before Evans first showed up on Echard’s “Bachelor” premiere, spoiler blogger Reality Steve tweeted, “Let the Susie/Hannah Brown comparisons begin in 3…2…1.”

Once she appeared on the show, a fan wrote on Twitter, “You can’t tell me that’s not @hannahbrown going into this with the alias of [Susie]!! We’re on to you Hannah!”

“@hannahbrown you’re not fooling anyone! We all know you’re secretly [Susie]! Lmao,” came another comment.

According to Screenrant, Brown and Evans have more in common than their similar facial features and hairstyles. Both women are former pageant queens—Brown was crowned Miss Alabama in 2018, and Evans was Miss Virginia 2020.  They’ve also both had fitness-related jobs and share a mutual friend, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, from their beauty pageant days.

Hannah Brown Says It’s a ‘Compliment’ to Be Compared to Susie Evans

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GettyHannah Brown.

Brown responded to the fan comparisons while speaking on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast in April 2022.

“There were moments [when] I was like, ‘Oh wow, this [girl], she looks a lot like me,’” Brown revealed, adding that her boyfriend, Adam Woolard, also noticed the resemblance between her and Evans.

“Adam and I definitely saw it and I think she’s beautiful,” Brown said of Evans. “It was a compliment, for sure. She’s probably one of the people that I feel like has looked the most like me that people have compared me to from the show.”

Not only do Brown and Evans look alike, but their moms do, too. On Twitter, a fan posted side-by-side photos of Evans posing with her mom, Jean, and Brown with her mother, Susanne.

“First Susie & Hannah look alike. now the moms too,” the fan wrote.

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