Why Ivan Hall Regrets His Goodbye Conversation With Tayshia Adams

Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams

ABC Ivan Hall sitting with Tayshia Adams during episode six of The Bachelorette.

Ivan Hall’s elimination in the final three on The Bachelorette took fans by surprise, not only because his seemingly strong relationship with Tayshia Adams came to such an abrupt end, but also because she cited religious differences as her reason for the decision.

Hall, 28, eventually revealed on social media and podcast appearances that he’s not religious and that conflicted with Adams’ Christian beliefs. In his final conversation with Adams on the show, he apologized for not bringing up the subject sooner. But in a recent appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, Viall Files, Hall said he wishes he didn’t say sorry in that moment.

“That is one thing I will say I kind of regret,” Hall told Viall. “I didn’t mean to apologize. I was just kind of trying to be nice and just get off the stage and go at that point. So I just wanted to leave early. At the end of the day, what I realized — even before that, so I don’t know why I apologized — that’s just her belief and if that’s something that she believes, she could’ve brought that up a little sooner, honestly. It’s not something I ever talk about, so it’s not something I’m going to bring up.”

Hall said he recalled Adams once mentioning that her mother instilled her Christian faith in her, but that the subject of religion didn’t come up again until the fantasy suites portion of the show. If that sounds like bitterness, Hall wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t really blame Adams for the miscommunication.

“One thing that worked against us was the whole time aspect of it all,” Hall said. “It’s no fault of her own, [Adams] had the shortest Bachelorette season ever. She was kind of just thrust into that role, so maybe she didn’t get a chance to think all this stuff out nearly as much as Clare [Crawley] and others have had the opportunity to. We had the shortest season ever, so we got to the fantasy suites stage faster than anybody ever has, really.

“There really wasn’t a great time to talk about religion, like maybe even after a cocktail party. Because that’s a longer conversation to have too. All I had was that one-on-one early on, then hometown, and then fantasy suites. It happened when it happened, there was really nothing we could do about it, I think.”

Adams Says Religion Isn’t the Only Reason Hall Went Home

Adams, 30, picked Zac Clark in the season finale of The Bachelorette. The couple is now engaged and spending an extended time living together in New York City. Shortly after the finale aired, the couple sat together for several press interviews and Adams shed more light on her breakup with Hall.

“Sure religion was one of the reasons, but there were multiple things that we talked about that we just kind of didn’t align on,” Adams told Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima. “And at the end of the day, when I was looking at my relationships with Zac and Ivan, it was just that I saw my future with [Clark] and that’s where my heart led me and I can only just lean into that. Unfortunately, it’s just where it had to end.”

Adams didn’t divulge what other issues were revealed where the couple didn’t align, but she explained that she used fantasy suite time to “dive into the nitty gritty of a relationship” to see what a future would look like.

Hall Is Open to ‘Paradise,’ But Doubts His Chances at Love

Hall was a fan favorite on The Bachelorette, and would seemingly have a free pass to Bachelor in Paradise, if he chooses to accept it. So you should probably expect to see him on the beach, so long as he’s single in the summer.

“I’m definitely open to it,” Hall told Viall of Bachelor in Paradise. “That being said, it is a far time off. I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those who’s like dying to be on TV again. I’d love to do it and I think it’d be fun, for sure. But I’m not like planning my life for it.”

Just one problem: He wasn’t really feeling vibes from many of the women who are likely to be on the show.

“Of course I had a physical attraction to a lot of the women on Peter [Weber]’s season, but as far as long-term dating, I don’t know if I really see it there,” Hall said. “Granted, I don’t know anybody from that season, at all. But just from the little bit I know, I don’t think long-term it would work out really with too many of them, but you never know.”

The better fit for Hall may have to be someone from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

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