Newly Single ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Is Likely Done With ‘Bachelor’ Franchise

The Bachelor


A newly single member of Bachelor Nation was recently asked if he would appear as The Bachelor, but he’s not really into the idea.

J.P. Rosenbaum and his wife, former Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, recently announced their decision to split. The couple was married in 2012 and they share two children together. It’s only been a couple of months since they made their announcement, and some people are already wondering what will be next for Rosenbaum and Hebert, who are both single for the first time in nearly a decade.

Any time there’s a breakup in Bachelor Nation, many fans of the franchise find themselves wondering if finding love on television for a second (or third) time around is in the cards. Well, Rosenbaum would tell you that he’s just not in a place in his life that he’d return to television to find a (new) life partner.

“I highly doubt they’re looking for a 44-year-old divorcé… I would say probably not just because of the stage of life that I’m in,” Rosenbaum told E! News when asked if he’d star as the lead on ‘The Bachelor.’ It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but is that what I want to do right now, take a two-month pause from my kids, from my business? Put everything on hold to do this? I’d have to give it some serious thought. But my first reaction is probably not,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know:

J.P. Rosenbaum Would Not Do ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

If you find yourself thinking that the 44-year-old father-of-two wouldn’t want to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, you’d be 100 percent correct.

“There is no way,” Rosenbaum said definitively, when asked if he’d want to join a bunch of singles on a beach in Mexico.

Rosenbaum also talked about how he’s just in a different place in his life right now, and that being a father is his priority over dating — never mind inking a deal to appear on another reality television show.

“When I was single, early to mid 30’s, I had responsibilities but it’s not like I had family. It was a different time for me,” Rosenbaum told E! News.

J.P. Rosenbaum Is Ready for the ‘Next Chapter’ but ‘Terrified’ to Date

Rosenbaum is thinking ahead to what’s next in his personal life, and admits that while he wants to move on romantically, he’s “terrified” about how to so so.

“I have to figure out what this next stage of dating will look like for me. I do feel like I’m a little bit stuck, and I want to turn the page. I’m just not sure how to do that,” he said.

“I definitely want to start the next chapter but dating as a soon-to-be 44-year-old father of two in a global pandemic, what does that even look like? I think I’m terrified even without the pandemic,” Rosenbaum said, adding, “I’m old-fashioned, I like things to happen organically, hopefully. But at the same time, that’s not the world we live in right now. It’s not like we’re going out to bars.”

And, in case anyone was wondering, Rosenbaum sounds like he’d consider getting to know someone who slid into his DMs.

“Would you date someone who reached out to you through Instagram? I have kids that I have to think about. You don’t know what their motives are, so that frightens me. But then again, how is that any different than meeting someone on a dating app?” Rosenbaum said.

For anyone considering it, Rosenbaum likes staying active. One of his favorite hobbies? Fishing. He also hails from New York and is a big Rangers fan, so a knowledge of hockey is also a plus.

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