Jade Roper Shares Thoughts on Getting Pregnant With Baby No. 4

Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper

Getty Images Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper.

Bachelor in Paradise couple Jade Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert welcomed their third child, a son they named Reed, back in November. However, fans are constantly asking the couple if there are plans to have a fourth baby. Roper has admitted and and Tolbert are undecided on whether or not they will expand their family. And now, she’s sharing more details about the possibility of baby No. 4.

It seems as though every time Roper opens up a Q&A or a true/false box on her Instagram stories, she’s asked whether or not she and Tolbert want another baby. So far, it sounds like Roper is leaning towards “yes,” but, with Reed only being a few months old, she and Tolbert aren’t making any firm decisions.

On Tuesday, February 9, a fan asked Roper a true or false question about having a fourth baby.

“You want another child if it was going to be a girl,” the fan wrote.

“Haha probably true. If we had another baby (which I don’t know if we will), I would hope for a girl, but we know that’s obviously not guaranteed. I love my boys and would be so happy with another boy, too,” Roper responded.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jade Roper Believes ‘Gender Is Fluid’

Although Roper would love to have another girl, giving daughter Emmy a little sister, she also believes that “gender is fluid,” and she explained that she will be supportive of her children and the way they choose to live, regardless if they are born a boy or a girl.

“Gender is fluid, so in the end, it doesn’t really matter if my baby has a penis or a vagina, because they’ll be whoever they are meant to be as they grow into their own, and we’ll always support that,” she wrote, adding two red heart emoji.

Gender fluid is defined as “denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.” This is something that many people have adopted over the years, including celebrities who identify as being gender fluid. They include Miley Cyrus, and Ruby Rose.

Fans Thought Jade Roper Was Already Pregnant When She Did a Baby Name Bracket on Instagram

As previously reported by Heavy, Roper kicked baby rumors into high gear when she posted a baby name bracket a few weeks ago on her Instagram stories. Fans were wondering if she was expecting her fourth child, but she cleared things up, explaining that she was doing the bracket “just for fun.”

“I wanted to ask you guys, because some of you are messaging me about the girl names list that I put up on here on my stories. You guys were wondering if I would do a name bracket with those names, just for fun. For those of you who are new followers, with both of my sons we did a fun name bracket on here, kind of like a Sweet 16 for basketball, and everybody voted for the names until there was one left. And obviously this is just for fun, I am definitely not pregnant,” Roper added with a laugh.

Last month, another fan asked Roper a different true or false question about having a fourth baby.

“You want more kids, but Tanner doesn’t,” read one of the comments.

“Partially true! On a scale, I’d lean towards 75 percent wanting another, where Tanner would probably say there’s a 25 percent chance. So many factors going into whether or not we’d have a fourth though,” Roper typed in response.

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