‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Shows Off Full Leg Tattoo & Fans Can’t Get Over it

Bachelor in Paradise cast.

ABC Someone from "Bachelor in Paradise" got an impressive full leg tattoo.

A former “Bachelor in Paradise” star got some new ink and fans were surprised to see the design.

James Bonsall, who was on Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” showed off his new full leg tattoo in an Instagram post that he uploaded on March 30, 2022.

“Current Status: In a relentless pursuit of all my goals….. And you can guarantee I’m having fun doing it! Feeling the love these days. Shoutout to everyone supporting me along the way,” Bonsall captioned the photo, in which he was wearing a pair of shorts.

While some fans commented on Bonsall’s message, others noticed that he is now sporting a tattoo that runs the entire length of his leg. The intricate ink work features various designs, including a clock with roman numerals, some flowers, a pair of palm trees, and a dagger with a skull, all in black ink.

The tattoo appears to have been done by Albert at Sacred Point Tattoo in San Diego.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bonsall Revealed it Took 43 Hours to Complete the Tattoo

In the comments section of the post, Thurston shared that she was wondering if the tattoo was fake as Bonsall didn’t have it when he was on television.

“Not me zooming in seeing if you’re trolling us with some photoshop. When did this happen?” Thurston asked.

“43 hours in the making hahah,” Bonsall responded.

“That’s more time than I spent with all 30 guys combined! Commitment,” Thurston wrote.

Bonsall replied with two crying with laughter emoji.

A couple of Bonsall’s “Bachelorette” co-stars also commented on the photo, surprised that he got a full leg tattoo after his stint on reality television.

“Bro i had no idea your leg looked like that lmao,” Andrew Spencer commented.

“Seriously! Is that a filter?! Even looks all healed up,” added Thomas Jacobs.

Bonsall’s BFF Aaron Clancy confirmed that the tattoo was real. “It’s his leg,” he wrote.

Bonsall responded, confirming that the tattoo is complete. “Finallyyyy done,” he wrote. It’s unknown if he has any plans to get more tattoos — perhaps a matching arm sleeve? — in the future.

Fans Took to Reddit to Discuss the Tattoo

Shortly after Bonsall shared his full leg tattoo on Instagram, someone started a Reddit thread to discuss it — and many fans totally approved.

“I don’t remember it either so it must be new! I like it. I think it’d look cool if he got a sleeve on his right arm to kinda balance it out,” one person commented on the thread.

“This leg sleeve just made him 100 times hotter,” another comment read.

“It looks super well done, finally someone in BN with good taste in tattoos,” a third person wrote.

“It looks kind of sexy. I think it helps chip away at his PGA tour country club pool boy look. Is he wearing a pearl necklace?” a fourth Redditor added.

Bonsall hasn’t discussed the meaning of the items in the tattoo or his reasoning behind getting such an extravagant tattoo done, but maybe that will come at a later time.

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