Jared Haibon To Spend First Father’s Day With ‘The Cutest Baby Ever!’

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti

Getty Jared Haibon & Ashley Iaconetti.

When Ashley Iaconetti fell for Jared Haibon on season two of “Bachelor in Paradise,” many fans could not understand why he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. It was frustrating to watch as “Ashley I,” as she was called, was thoroughly convinced of their soulmate status, but just couldn’t get Haibon to see the light.

Finally, after three years of back and forth between the two, they announced they were engaged in 2018. The couple was surprised at the positive feedback they received after the announcement. Haibon told the New York Times that many fans responded with renewed optimism in their own lives, stating, “We believe in love again. You give us hope.”

Haibon and Iaconetti tied the knot in August, 2019, and gave birth to their first child, Dawson, in January, 2022.  Since then, the proud parents have been publicizing their “cherub’s” adorable image all over social media, and fans can’t get enough.

“There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Dawson”

On June 7, Haibon posted an Instagram video of the baby boy, with the caption, “There’s no such thing as too much Dawson.”  Fans agreed. Referring to iconic Disney characters, one Instagram follower wrote, “I mean it’s no surprise you two (Aladin and Jasmine) would make a cute kid. But OMG he even succeeded my expectations. I just want to squish his little cheekies!”

Another fan asked, “Could he be a more beautiful baby!!?? I mean really. Come on,” while another remarked, “He looks like his daddy!!!” And, of course, no one disagreed with the poster who called Dawson “The cutest baby ever!!! 😍”

Exclusive New Interview with ‘Bachelor Nation’ Reveals All

On June 13, 2022, Haibon sat down with Bachelor Nation.com for an exclusive interview about fatherhood, and he had a lot to say. When asked what life has been like as a new father, the word that popped out of Haibon’s mouth was “chaotic!”

The description is fitting considering that not only are Haibon and Iaconetti new parents, but they have also started a business, moved across the country, and bought a house, Haibon explained. Despite all the chaos, Haibon revealed, “Ashley and I have been working together as a team and making it work!”

Haibon noted that he has not really been surprised about what it’s like to be a father because his friends already filled him in.

When asked by Bachelor Nation what his favorite part of fatherhood has been so far, the proud papa replied, “Seeing him smile. Smiling is his favorite.”

Haibon also revealed in the interview that fatherhood has changed him in the sense that “It’s definitely made me appreciate the little moments more. I’m trying to soak in every second of Dawson at the age he is right now. He’s already growing up too fast.”

As far as what Haibon is looking forward to next with Dawson, he said, “I can’t wait to hear his first words. He makes a lot of sounds right now, and I can tell he’s trying so hard to say something. It’s going to be so weird and so amazing at the same time to see him walk and talk.”

And while Dawson is too young to play catch this Father’s Day, Haibon can’t wait to teach him how when he gets older, just like his father did for him.

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