Jason Foster: Bachelorette Contestant Offends Fans

Jason Foster with Clare Crawley

ABC Jason Foster introduced himself to Clare Crawley with a fake belly underneath his shirt.

Jason Foster made a good impression with Clare Crawley on the season premiere of The Bachelorette, but some fans were bothered by his introduction.

Foster wore a fake pregnant belly when he stepped out of the limousine to meet Crawley. The move was a callback to when Crawley did the same thing on the first episode of season 18 of The Bachelor. The move seemed to serve Crawley well, as she advanced all the way to the final two before she was eliminated by Juan Pablo Galavis.

The fake belly also seemed to serve Foster well, as he charmed Crawley on the first night and received a rose. During a talk about their mutual love of the outdoors, Crawley complimented Foster and said she loves his energy.

Not all viewers of the show were as fond of Foster’s entrance, though.

Some Fans Wanted Crawley to Kick ‘Weirdo’ Foster to the Curb

While the fake pregnant belly worked well for Crawley several years ago, most fans seem to prefer a more classic, straightforward introduction. Other introductions on the Bachelorette premiere included a contestant wearing a straitjacket and another in a suit of armor, but none bothered fans more than Foster’s pregnant belly.

These are just a few of the comments from fans on Twitter about Foster’s entrance:


Fortunately for Foster, Crawley didn’t agree with this group of fans.

Foster Lost Over 100 Pounds Before Appearing on The Bachelorette

Foster, 31, had a brief career in the NFL before switching to a career in IT staffing and solutions. During his time as an offensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders, Foster tipped the scales at over 300 pounds.

After retiring from his professional football career in 2016, Foster shed weight in a hurry. According to his Bachelorette profile on ABC.com, Foster has dropped 120 pounds since leaving football behind. Incredibly, he said on Instagram that it took him only 65 days to lose 75 pounds in 2016.

It’s a little ironic that a person who had such an impressive amount of weight loss was noticed (positively by Crawley and negatively by many fans) on night one for a bit of fake weight gain. But he still has plenty of time to win over those who were a little weirded out by his introduction. And if Crawley rides off into the sunset with Dale Moss, maybe he’ll be able to win over Tayshia Adams too.

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