Jason Tartick’s New Look Has Fans Freaking Out

Jason Tartick

Getty Jason Tartick visits People Now.

A few months ago, a fan-favorite “Bachelorette” contestant debuted a new hairstyle. “Bachelor Nation” fans loved the update Jason Tartick shared at the time, but now he’s testing out another possible style and fans are making their opinions about it known. Even Tartick’s fiancee, former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe, commented with her opinion and the consensus seemed pretty clear on this one.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tartick Asked Fans if They Approved of the New Look

On August 18, Tartick shared a new photo to his Instagram page. “Yes or no? Kaitlyn thinks this should be my new look,” he detailed. The photo showed Tartick with facial scruff and a new hairstyle, which would mean shaving off most of his hair and adding some blonde color.

Tartick’s followers wasted no time in sharing their opinions on the new look. Over 1,250 comments poured in overnight, and there were some great ones.

The real skip shady just stood up,” viral cheerleading dad Roland Pollard teased.

“>You look like a seasoned gamer,” joked fellow “Bachelor Nation” star Chris Bukowski.

Bristowe commented as well, although it appears she may have later deleted it. “Correction. I said you could pull it off. But not this photo shop Hack job.”

The Overwhelming Consensus Suggested Tartick Avoid This One

Quite a few comments were simply “no” on Tartick embracing this look as his new style. Several people noted he looked like Eminem, and the question provided many fans an opportunity to provide comical responses.

“For some reason it’s giving me Pete Davidson with blonde hair vibes,” quipped a follower.

“Definitely looks like a member in a boy band lol,” joked a fan.

“You look like Chris Watts with better teeth,” declared someone else.

“Noooooope you look like a sk8er from 2003,” suggested another fan.

“Looks like Steve from Blues clue’s,” read another comment.

While it seems extremely unlikely Tartick was seriously considering this look, quite a few followers reacted with horror at the possibility.

“Omg please don’t! I love your hair!” pleaded another fan.

“Um, no. Not in a million years,” insisted someone else.

“Nooooo! Is this a joke or something!?!” questioned a different fan.

Luckily, plenty of “Bachelorette” fans objected to this potential transformation, so Bristowe should be able to breathe a sigh of relief on that front.

As “The Bachelorette” fans know, Tartick and Bristowe have plenty of other priorities to attend to these days. They have provided a handful of wedding updates over the past year, and the planning process is ongoing. They have both voiced their desire to expand their family very quickly after they get married, as well. Bristowe recently shared with Us Weekly that they are struggling to get everything pulled together for their dream wedding, which seemingly may not happen on New Year’s Eve as they had previously hoped would be the case. Regardless of how soon the wedding does finally happen, it seems safe to say Tartick will not be sporting this type of hairstyle as he exchanges vows with Bristowe.