Jason Tartick Hit by a Car While Walking His Dog

Getty Images Jason Tartick.

Jason Tartick was hit by a car while walking one of his golden retrievers. The reality star and his dog are both okay after a car failed to stop at a red light while they were in a crosswalk. Tartick revealed the scary incident in an IGTV posted on Instagram on August 22, 2021.

Tartick was visiting with his fiancee Kaitlyn Bristowe in Minnesota (where she is currently filming Michelle Young‘s season of “The Bachelorette“)  at the time of the accident. He explained that Bristowe had their dog Ramen on a leash and was one crosswalk ahead, but he got held up and was one block behind with Pinot, waiting to cross the street.

After the light turned red, Tartick led Pinot across the street. “We go to walk, and boom. Car comes flying in hot,” Tartick said. “I don’t know what angel was looking over us. I don’t know, like, who was watching our backs,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tartick Suffered Bruises to His Backside

Tartick said that he was grateful that he wasn’t texting or using his phone at the time of the accident because he was alert and may have really saved himself — and his dog — with his quick thinking.

“[I ripped] Pinot back with my left hand, and then I literally just put my ass, hip-checked into the hood of this minivan. And, fortunately, if you think about minivans, the grill is super low, lower than an actual car. And the hood kind of comes down. So, I dented the hood,” Tartick said.

Tartick checked Pinot, and the dog was okay. He then slammed the driver’s hood and said that he had some “choice words” for him, though the guy was apologetic. Tartick then said that he “panicked” and took off, running with Pinot to meet up with Bristowe at the dog park.

“I’m so fortunate I was just bruised,” Tartick said. “My right leg is bruised, and my right butt is sore, but that’s it,” he added.

“Thank God, thank God nothing happened to this cutie,” Tartick said, putting Pinot on camera. “And thank God all that happened to me was a little bruise. We are lucky boys.”

Tartick Shared a Few Takeaways From the Incident

Tartick wanted to share this with his fans to encourage people to pay attention when walking — and driving. “ALWAYS BE CAREFUL on crosswalks! Pinot and I are beyond fortunate to walk away from that unscathed,” Tartick wrote in the caption of his IGTV Instagram video.

“If you’re a car driving in a city, stop at a red light,” Tartick said. “Stop. You will kill someone.”

If you’re on a crosswalk, even if it says ‘go,’ keep your head on the swivel. Like, if I was texting, I’d probably be dead right now,” he added. “Just because you’re in a crosswalk, doesn’t mean you’re safe.”

Tartick did end up filing a police report, even though he ran away from the scene. He said that he wanted to be sure that the accident was documented just in case his injuries worsened. “Always file a police report,” he told his followers.

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