New Host Confirmed for Season 8 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

The Bachelor rose

ABC A rose sits on a pedestal waiting to be presented on The Bachelor.

Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” will have a new host, and fans will surely have some strong opinions regarding this decision. Filming for the new season is expected to begin in June, and fans have wondered when official details would emerge. Now, it seems the pieces are falling into place with one outstanding issue resolved: the season 8 host has been chosen.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Weighed in on Who Should Host

Wells Adams of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

ABCWells Adams hosts on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

From the show’s launch in 2014 through season 6 in 2019, Chris Harrison hosted “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, that changed shortly before filming for season 7 began in the summer of 2021. Harrison parted ways with “The Bachelor” franchise, and producers opted to feature a series of guest hosts, including actor David Spade, who kicked things off in Mexico, and entertainers Lance Bass, Lil Jon and Tituss Burgess. Fan-favorite franchise veteran Wells Adams also hosted. It was an unusual format, and fans had mixed reactions. When all was said and done, a poll by TV Insider showed viewers loved Wells far more than any of the others who had been tapped to host throughout season 7.

Ahead of the official confirmations regarding season 8, many “Bachelor in Paradise” fans rallied to see Adams given the hosting gig. A Reddit poll showed a definitive preference to see Adams get the gig, although quite a few people liked the rotating guest hosts. Others wanted to see “The Bachelorette” stars Kaitlyn Bristowe or Tayshia Adams tapped for the spot, given the fact they hosted the 2021 seasons led by both Katie Thurston and Michelle Young.

“My vote, give Kaitlyn the Bachelorette hosting gig and give BIP to Tayshia,” one poster suggested.

There were others, though, who figured Jesse Palmer should be the ongoing host. “Just let Jesse do it all. It’s not a hard job, it creates continuity across the different shows and it keeps the focus on the contestants,” one person suggested. Who did ABC end up choosing?

Jesse Palmer Will Host Season 8 of ‘BiP’

Just a week or so before the “Bachelor in Paradise” hosting announcement was made, Adams teased he would likely be involved in season 8. ABC executive Robert Mills seemed to promise more of Adams in paradise as well. However, Mills also suggested Palmer would likely be in the mix. Mills seemed to dismiss the idea of using a rotation of guest hosts for season 8, and on May 17, ABC announced its decision. According to Deadline, Palmer will host BiP for the 2022 season, and Adams will return as the bartender.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” Twitter page posted the news as well, with the tease, “It’s a shore thing!” Fans may end up disappointed with the choice, but having Palmer in that spot likely does not surprise viewers very much. He was brought on for Clayton Echard’s “The Bachelor” season and continued on with the double-lead season of “The Bachelorette” that will premiere in July. “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers for season 8 will begin to emerge soon and fans will be eager to get a sense of what’s ahead.

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