Did Choosing Jesse Palmer as ‘Bachelor’ Host Screw Up Casting for Clayton Echard’s Season?

Instagram/Gett Images Clayton Echard's ladies may have been a little too excited that Jesse Palmer was the host.

Jesse Palmer was announced as the new host of “The Bachelor” in September 2021. After months of uncertainty, producers of the show decided to go with the former footballer, who also previously starred on the show himself.

“Bachelor Nation — I couldn’t be more thrilled to be home with my @bachelorabc family! Word on the street is it’s pretty AMAZING around here,” Palmer captioned an Instagram photo of himself standing in front of the Bachelor mansion in a suit.

Not long after ABC announced that Jesse would be Chris Harrison’s official replacement, an online frenzy began. Just about every fan of the show wanted to learn more about the man who will taking over the hosting duties for the upcoming “Bachelor” season — and, perhaps, beyond.

Many learned that Palmer was in a committed relationship with fashion model Emely Fardo. On October 4, 2021, People magazine reported that Palmer and Fardo are actually married. They tied the knot in a small ceremony in June 2020.

“We were only able to invite a small group of close friends that live in the greater N.Y.C. area, and that were in quarantine at the time. We had a lovely afternoon and look forward to celebrating our love with our parents and immediate families all together soon,” the couple said in a statement to People.

Here’s what you need to know:

A DeuxMoi Blind Suggests That Producers Had Palmer Announce That He Was Married for a Reason

An anonymous source reached out to DeuxMoi with some possible tea about why Palmer announced that he’s married all of a sudden.

“So, I have it on good authority that the Jesse Palmer wedding news HAD to come out ASAP, even though he and his bride weren’t planning on making a big announcement out of it until they had set a new destination wedding date for all their nearest and dearest,” the email, shared on DeuxMoi’s Instagram Stories on October 6, 2021, read.

“But it couldn’t wait because once word got out that he was the new host, the casting folks started complaining that half the women they were interviewing for the remaining slots on the show were a little TOO psyched that Jesse was the new host. As in: more psyched about Jesse than Clayton. As in: totally weren’t gonna be there for the right reasons,” the source continued.

“Concern started to build that some of the ladies were gonna be way more into Jesse once they reached the mansion, so the studio basically insisted he make it abundantly clear that no, he’s not just engaged, he is MARRIED, and that he say it ASAP,” the email concluded.

Fans Have Been Comparing Palmer & Echard for Weeks & Many Think That the Women Will Be Ogling Over Palmer

Ever since Palmer was confirmed as the new “Bachelor” host, he has drawn comparisons to Echard. In fact, Redditors have been saying that Palmer is “hotter” than Echard, and feel that the women will be attracted to the host more than the “Bachelor” star.

“The women gonna feel robbed when they see Jesse and realize he’s their host not the bachelor lol,” one Redditor commented on a thread about Palmer.

“Jesse > Clayton based solely on looks. If I were a contestant I’d be checking Jesse out constantly,” added another.

“I went and looked at their IG pics, they have a passing resemblance, but Jesse is way hotter in my books,” a third Redditor commented.

“I don’t think they look similar and I’d def be eyeing Jesse over Clayton if I was a candidate,” a fourth wrote.

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