Joan Vassos Feels ‘Vulnerable & Grateful’ As ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Journey Begins

Joan Vassos

Heavy/ABC Joan Vassos is ready to film "The Golden Bachelorette."

ABC will debut the first season of “The Golden Bachelorette” in the fall, and Joan Vassos will be handing out roses. The network has not yet revealed a premiere date for Vassos’ season. However, she is about to start filming her journey and fans are eager to learn more.

As Vassos packed for her big journey, she admitted she had never previously felt as grateful and vulnerable at the same time as she did now.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joan Vassos Is Headed to California to Film ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

On June 12, Vassos shared a big update via her Instagram page. “Pack with me for ‘The Golden Bachelorette,” she teased.

Vassos admitted in her caption she was “Excited, nervous, and overpacked… but, mostly ready to get this golden journey started.”

The video featured the “Golden Bachelorette” star sitting on her bedroom floor, with suitcases on either side of her. Clothes were strewn all around her and her young grandson Maverick was playing on her bed behind her.

She explained, “I am getting ready to leave tomorrow. Um, and I’m packing and it’s a disaster here. Cuz I have no idea what to bring because I don’t know what any of the dates are.”

“The Golden Bachelorette” star then noted, “And Maverick is back there. Helping me pack. He’s learning how to crawl. And I think by the time I get back in seven weeks he’s going to know [how], and I’m going to miss it.”

The thought of missing Maverick starting to crawl prompted Vassos to add, “So you know this is a little bittersweet because I’m leaving my family for seven weeks and that’s a little scary.”

Despite feeling anxious about leaving her family for nearly two months, Vassos noted the major upside. “But you know in the end I could come back and maybe have the love of my life and someone to share my great life with.”

Bachelor Nation Is Excited for Vassos

Vassos admitted she was “a little embarrassed” about one particular thing regarding her packing. “Look, I have an entire suitcase full of shoes.”

“The Golden Bachelorette” star revealed she packed “a huge variety of clothes” since she had “no idea what the weather’s like in California this time of year.” Vassos added in text over the video, “Don’t worry, I checked after this!”

She also admitted she had three suitcases she was packing, which she considered “ridiculous.” She then added in text it was actually four suitcases, not three.

As she recorded the video, Vassos said she was flying to California with her family “tomorrow.” The family’s presence in California for a couple of days, to film footage for “The Golden Bachelorette,” thrilled Vassos.

Vassos admitted she tried not to get too emotional as she thought about it all. “I’m so proud of them, and it gives me a couple more days with them. So, I love that. So, see you in L.A. Stay golden,” she shared as she ended her video.

Bachelor Nation flooded the comments section of Vassos’ post with love and encouragement.

“Sending you so much love and support as you embark on this amazing journey, my friend,” wrote “The Golden Bachelor” winner Theresa Nist.

Nist continued, “I am so incredibly excited for you!! I’ll be thinking about you and sending you only good thoughts. Now go have the time of your life, Joan!!!”

“The Bachelor” stars Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson posted strings of emojis to show their support.

Edith Aguirre, another a contestant from Gerry Turner’s season of “The Golden Bachelor,” commented, too. Aguirre wrote, “Joan, so excited for you! You’re going to do so well! Have fun and be true with yourself!”

A fan commented, “Best of luck, Joan! You were one contestant that I hoped would be chosen. I know you’ll represent Golden aged women in the best way possible!”

Another added, “You’re going to have an amazing journey! I’m praying for safe travels, no real issues & blessings galore!”