‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile Opens up About Split From Kendall Long

Kendall Long and Joe Amabile

Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images Former couple Joe Amabile and Kendall Long attend an event.

The Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite couple, Joe Amabile and Kendall Long, shocked fans when they announced their split in January. At the time, Amabile returned to his hometown of Chicago. On his podcast, Click Bait!, the former grocery store owner is opening up about how location played a part.

“Look, I never really talked about our breakup and our past relationship and I don’t want to get too deep into it, but Kendall had expressed to me that she would never want to live in Chicago,” the man affectionately called “Grocery Store Joe” told co-hosts Tayshia Adams and Natasha Parker. “She loves L.A. She doesn’t want to leave L.A. That’s her thing.”

Amabile and Long met on season five of Bachelor in Paradise. Despite moving to Los Angeles, he revealed he wanted her to be open to returning to his hometown of Chicago.

“She did express at the beginning… of our relationship, she would never want to do it,” revealed Amabile. “In my head, I thought maybe that would change as time moved on, but she just would never want to live in Chicago. So for me, that, you know – there’s a line there where I’m just like, well if you’re not willing, then, I don’t know. Because you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Long is a native of California, growing up near Los Angeles, with many of her friends and family based there. “Our family and friends have always been an extremely important element to who we are as people. We can’t imagine continuing our lives without them closer, especially when thinking of starting a family of our own one day,” the exes wrote in the statement announcing their split to Bachelor Nation.

Given her unwillingness to relocate, Amabile had to think about the future of his career.

“There was not really much for me to do there, I didn’t want to be the guy that was on a reality show just living off of ‘Oh I was on The Bachelor a year ago, like look at me, yay,’” he elaborated. Adding, “If I was younger and really wanted to make a career in L.A., yeah, but I think it was just the fact that she would never want to live in Chicago.”

However, Amabile holds no ill-will. “And I don’t, I don’t blame her either… because she was always open and said she never wanted to leave L.A.”

Long Recently Reviewed Amabile’s New Pasta Sauce

In November, Amabile announced the launch of Sundays with Joe, a line of pasta sauces. Currently, he only has one flavor, Sweet Marinara.

Still on good terms, Long was one of the first in line to order the sauce, taking to her Instagram Story to review it.

“Look what I just got in the mail today. Seeing as how it’s almost lunchtime, I might have to give this a little bit of a spin to see if Joe is the king of sauce or if I’m still the best cook,” said the author of Just Curious: A Notebook of Questions.

After explaining, “Final verdict: I chose elbow pasta. I’m not sure if this is a pasta that’s recommended with this, but it is al dente, so I have some credit there,” she ended the video saying “very good, very impressive.”

Long Revealed She May Be Willing to Return to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

During a recent interview with Us Weekly for Candlelight Confessions, Long revealed she is open to returning to Bachelor in Paradise.

“I try to live as if I’m not depending on The Bachelor, Bachelor World to find my future husband because then I’m just holding off my love life,” Long told the publication. “But I had nothing but amazing experiences and it worked for me. And if it could work for me once, maybe it could work for me twice.”

Despite coming in third on Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor, Long revealed she preferred Bachelor in Paradise.

“Paradise was so fun!” she admitted. She appreciated the even breakdown between genders, “It wasn’t so much all these women going for one guy. I think that dynamic could be a little stressful at times. So I liked that it was more of an even playing field.”

Fans will have to wait and see if Long returns to the franchise next year, with Bachelor in Paradise expected to return in 2021 after a season off amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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