Fans Erupt Over ‘OnlyFans’ Joke From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' season 8 cast

ABC Then initial season 8 "Bachelor in Paradise" cast gathers.

Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” just started airing, and there is already plenty of drama swirling both on television screens and on social media. As the premiere aired on September 27, fans and former contestants shared their thoughts on Twitter. “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile was one of those tweeting along with the show, but one of his posts generated a significant reaction from show fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kira Mengistu’s Joke Prompted a Controversial Tweet From Amabile

When Kira Mengistu, from Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor,” arrived on the beach in “Bachelor in Paradise,” viewers learned there was some built-in drama. Mengistu had spent quite a bit of quality intimate time with Romeo Alexander off-screen, and he had also spent time with Jill Chen. Chen was also on Echard’s season, and both women were still interested in Alexander as “Bachelor in Paradise” began. As ET Online detailed, as the drama ramped up, viewers watched as Mengistu joked about how “in another life I would’ve been a porn star.” It seems that was the line that prompted Amabile’s tweet where he wrote, “At least we know Kira is in it for only fans and not Instagram followers.”

In her day-to-day life, Mengistu is a doctor of internal medicine, notes her LinkedIn page. She attended Harvard University to get her bachelor’s degree and received her doctorate of medicine from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star also received a masters of business administration from the Wharton School, and has worked Cambridge Health Alliance and later Penn Medicine. She’s shown her saucy side on both “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” but many viewers were quick to have her back after Amabile’s critical tweet.

The Reaction to Amabile’s Joke Was Immediate & Intense

Shortly after Amabile joked about Mengistu’s supposed pursuit of an OnlyFans, Twitter users clapped back.

“Delete this tweet. You’re calling an accomplished woman who works as a DOCTOR a Sex worker. Take this down and apologize for your poor attempt at a joke,” fired off one critic.

“Yawn. Boring. Deeply unlikeable. Get better jokes,” tweeted someone else.

“Don’t you sell sauce for a living? She’s a doctor,” pointed out another show fan.

“So edgy and controversial!!! You’re a sexist old man xoxo,” quipped a different poster.

Amabile got supportive replies from some “Bachelor in Paradise” fans, although the critics were more prevalent than supporters on Twitter. A few people tagged his fiancee Serena Pitt, suggesting she “come get your man please.” The clapbacks did not appear only on Twitter. More than 600 people added their opinions in a thread on Reddit, and the reaction to Amabile’s tweet was somewhat mixed there.

“I find Joe as insufferable as most, but I feel like he was just live tweeting/commenting on her ridiculous statement,” suggested one person.

“Taken out of context it’s horrible… In context it’s just a lame joke responding to what she said about herself,” added another Redditor.

“Like he wouldn’t be the first to subscribe,” to Mengistu’s OnlyFans if she created one, countered someone else.

“Kira’s OF would have more flavor than Joe’s sauce,” joked someone else.

Amabile’s tweet is still posted, and it does not appear he has returned to share any additional commentary on it.

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