‘The Bachelor’ Star Shocks Fans With New Look

The Bachelor

Heavy/ABC The Bachelor news update.

Joey Graziadei is ready for summer.

On June 21, 2024,  “The Bachelor” star debuted a super short new hair look and he received a very big reaction from fans.

Graziadei, 29, got engaged to Kelsey Anderson on the season 28 finale of the ABC dating show. The lovebirds are spending time with Graziadei’s family in Nashville to celebrate his brother-in-law’s birthday, but somewhere along the line “The Bachelor” star made a pitstop to get his hair chopped.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Went for a Crew Cut

“Bachelor” fans first met Graziadei in 2023 when he was the runner-up on Charity Lawson’s season of ‘The Bachelorette.” The Pennsylvania tennis instructor won fans over with his green eyes and dark wavy hair.

But exactly one year later, Graziadei posted an Instagram clip that showed his wavy locks completely shorn. The ABC star shared a before and after with the caption, “It was time for the Summer Cut 💈.”

Fans—and fan accounts—had a big reaction. Some raved that Graziadei looks good no matter what, while others mourned the loss of his wavy locks.

“The gasp I just gusped,”  came a comment from the @bachelronation Instagram account.

“Chad michael murray, one tree hill, 2005,” was the response from the official@bacheloretteabc Instagram

Others joked that Graziadei looked like he just got drafted into the military.

“Nooooooo your curls 😢,” one distraught fan wrote.

“JOSEPH WHAT HAVE U DONE,” another asked.

“Pretty sure this counts as a federal crime,” a third commenter added.

“It better grow back. Your hair was my Roman Empire,” another fan wrote.

Another fan wanted to know how Anderson feels about her man’s new look.

“Kelsey are you ok 😭,” one fan asked on TikTok.

Kelsey Anderson responded to her man’s buzz cut via a TikTok video on June 21. In the clip, she holds Graziadei by the chin as he looks up at her innocently. “I left this man alone for 34 hours and now he has no hair,” she wrote. “Still cute tho . 🥵”  she captioned the post.

When a fan asked, “How are we feeling about this Kelsey??,” she replied, “He’s still hawt!”

Joey Used to Wear a Man Bun


Before he was a “Bachelor” star, Graziadei used to have long hair. When he lived in Hawaii in 2018 and 2019, he posted several photos that showed him rocking shoulder-length curls. In one shot, he pulled his locks into a man bun.

Graziadei’s fiancée also has a gorgeous head of wavy hair. In an interview  with Glamour, Anderson admitted that her thick hair can sometimes “get a little crazy.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s so hard [to manage],” she added. “Honestly, my hair gets pretty frizzy, but it also just holds curls really easily. I use a new serum, but I can’t think of the name right now.”

In a February 2024 TikTok video, Anderson gave fans a tutorial on how she manages her thick mane of hair. She shared that she uses an anti-frizz serum and a shea moisture milk for her curls.

“This is all my natural hair,” she added. “I get my hair trimmed pretty often and I also do take hair, nail, and skin vitamins and collagen. I’ve always had very voluptuous hair. It’s always been big. It’s genetics, you know?”

“I think embracing our natural beauty is awesome and I do think we have to embrace it ourselves because we are our harshest critics,” “The Bachelor” beauty added. “We should give ourselves grace and just embrace it all!”

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