Joey Graziadei Makes Sentimental Move Honoring a Beloved Family Member

Joey Graziadei Tattoo

Heavy/ABC Joey Graziadei got a tattoo honoring his grandmother.

“The Bachelor” star Joey Graziadei recently shared a big thing he did, along with the special reason he did it. Graziadei’s grandmother died on May 15, and he now has a tattoo created specifically to honor her.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Got a Tattoo in His Grandmother’s Handwriting

On June 5, Graziadei shared the details on his Instagram page. He started by noting in the caption, “15. Get a new Tattoo ✅.”

That referenced a “bucket list” he shared after “The Bachelor” finale. It’s a list he has shared on Instagram, and he included it in a slide of his tattoo Instagram post as well.

“The Bachelor” star titled the list “30 before I turn 30.” One item was to get a new tattoo, which he has now crossed off.

Many of the items on Graziadei’s list are relatively simple to accomplish. Many involve traveling, which he has done quite a bit with his fiancee, Kelsey Anderson, since finishing “The Bachelor.”

Getting the new tattoo, however, was a particularly meaningful task on his list. He explained, “This tattoo is held very close to my heart. It reads ‘pace e gioia’ in my grandmothers handwriting.”

Graziadei added that the phrase is Italian and means “peace and joy.” He further explained, “As you can see in the video, my Grandma wanted to get this tattoo for herself. So my family decided to get it in her honor.”

He got his new tattoo on the back of his upper arm, above the elbow. “The Bachelor” star’s sister, Carly Monzo, got hers on the outside of her wrist. Graziadei included a couple of additional photos, including a group shot suggesting 10 family members joined together to get the tattoo.

‘The Bachelor’ Wants to Tackle New Experiences Before Turning 30

Anderson’s comment on Graziadei’s tattoo Instagram post was the top one, and read, “So beautiful🥹💗.”

A cousin of “The Bachelor” star chimed in, writing, “So glad we did this, love you cuz!”

“This is so cute that the whole family did it,” a follower commented.

“This is adorable, precious, and sweet,” added another.

“She’s looking over you all and loving this😇👏❤️,” shared someone else.

“Love this idea!! Such a special way to honor your grandmother, 🙏🏼💗” read a separate response.

Graziadei initially opened up about his grandmother’s death in an Instagram post he shared on May 19. “Saying goodbye is never easy. You shined with love, joy, and happiness every day,” he wrote.

“Truly, there was no one like you. Thank you for always being the example of love and joy in our family,” he added.

“The Bachelor” seems to be making solid headway on his bucket list. Another item was “Go to a new place in Europe,” which he did by traveling with Anderson to Portugal. He noted on April 14 that attending the Masters was a bucket list item, too.

On May 24, Graziadei took to Instagram and thanked fans for their birthday wishes. He also explained his goal for the year ahead, debuting his bucket list.

“As I go into this next year of life, I want to look towards capturing more experiences that I’ll be able to call blessings. So I decided to make a bucket list of 30 things that I’d like to do before I turn 30.”