JoJo Fletcher Reveals Whether or Not Her Reality Show Is Coming Back

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers hosted 'Cash Pad'

Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers hosted 'Cash Pad.'

JoJo Fletcher and her former football player fiance Jordan Rodgers returned to reality television as the hosts of Cash Pad in 2019. Playing upon the former Bachelorette’s history with house flipping, the CNBC show saw the famous couple aid homeowners in transforming their properties into short-term rental spaces.

While the show has not been officially canceled, it has been almost a year and a half since a new episode aired.

“Well Cash Pad was like such a fun project for us,” revealed Fletcher while promoting the couple’s partnership with Autotrader. “It was obviously getting to highlight what I did for a living before I met Jordan. Now that I’m with Jordan, something we’ve taken on together and gotten to do.”

Despite describing it as the “funnest thing ever,” she said, “We haven’t heard anything about a season two so as of right now, we’re not really, you know, nothing’s in the works. We’re in the process of doing another renovation that we’re gonna highlight, just on our own.”

After first appearing on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, Fletcher took over as lead on The Bachelorette where she got engaged to the ESPN college football analyst. They recently started their biggest house flipping project together in Puerto Rico.

“Starting demo on the new project tomorrow so there will be a lot of content that we’ll be pushing out about that. It’s going to be a big undertaking,” added Rodgers.

He and Fletcher spoke with Heavy to promote Autotrader’s “Best New Cars of 2021” list, which curated the top 12 cars to accommodate various lifestyles. The site also created a quiz to match people with cars based on their astrological signs.

“Can I just say, so the very first car we ever bought found off of Autotrader was a Ford F-150 and it’s the one and it’s the one car that my mom will never sell,” revealed Fletcher. “She loves this car so much. I’m a Scorpio and I took the quiz and the Ford F-150 came up as my match, so I’m just saying, I don’t know if you believe in astrology or not, but this one was pretty accurate for me.”

The Couple Is Based in Puerto Rico for Their Most Recent House Flip

Fletcher and Rodgers recently returned to Puerto Rico to start demolition on their most recent house remodel.

“So we bought this property a few months ago,” revealed Fletcher, adding that they originally bought two properties before selling one. They are instead focusing their efforts on their Puerto Rico house.

Puerto Rico is nothing new for the pair. As Fletcher told Heavy, “My family that live here, they’ve lived here for years so we’ve always gotten to visit Puerto Rico and we’ve loved it every time that we visited, but right in the beginning of you know, of when the world started to shut down, we came and hunkered down here, you know, for six months.”

Though doing a remodel in Puerto Rico is proving to be different from previous remodels. “I’ve learned that renovating on an island is very different than renovating back in the mainland. There was a lot of logistics that we had to figure out. Uh, we’re getting ready to go tomorrow.” The couple has since shared glimpses at the demolition on their Instagram accounts.

‘Cash Pad’ Is Not the Only Show Fletcher and Rodgers Have Hosted Together

Fletcher and Rodgers hosted Battle of the Fittest Couples, a fitness competition for couples. They described the job as “so much fun.”

“We remember the first show that we ever decided to host together was this fitness competition,” Fletcher revealed. “We were like ‘This is going to be actually the ultimate test,’ because we are going to be living in a hotel room together for months, working together 24/7.”

She explained that they would be open to other hosting opportunities, as Battle of the Fittest Couples “was the first time we worked together in that capacity and we had a blast.”

The couple reveals they love “working together.”

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