Fans Think Jordan Rodgers Just Trolled Ben Higgins

Jordan Rodgers and Ben Higgins

ABC Jordan Rodgers and Ben Higgins hang out for dinner.

Jordan Rodgers married “The Bachelorette” JoJo Fletcher on May 14 and the couple honeymooned in Greece, shared Us Weekly. While Fletcher and Rodgers were busy enjoying their newlywed status, some franchise fans caught what they thought might be a sarcastic social media dig at Ben Higgins. While it may not have been intended that way, the situation got plenty of people talking.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rodgers Shared His Wedding Day Excitement on Instagram

Soon after his wedding, Rodgers shared a photo of the event on his Instagram page. The picture caught the moment the bride and groom were officially married and had turned to face their guests. They were both clearly thrilled to have finally tied the knot and were ready to celebrate. “WE DID IT,” Rodgers began in his caption. “Can’t wait to share EVERYTHING with y’all!!! So much more to come from me and my WIFE,” he continued. He also included emoji of a head exploding and raised hands.

The caption fit perfectly with the excitement of the occasion, but some “The Bachelorette” fans wondered if there was more to it. One person shared the Instagram post on Reddit and started a thread that plenty of others found hard to resist. “Okay, realistically I *know* the caption isn’t a hit at Ben, but I’m still dying and in my mind, I will pretend it is,” the person wrote. The original poster wasn’t the only one who had that type of take on Rodgers’ post.

There Is a History Between Higgins & Fletcher

As “The Bachelor” fans know, Fletcher first appeared on Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor.” She was the runner-up, and as Insider noted, Higgins famously told both Fletcher and his final rose recipient, Lauren Bushnell, that he loved them. The fact he told Fletcher he loved her, but then chose Bushnell, was something that took a very long time to fade away.

Not only is there a somewhat complicated past between Higgins and Fletcher, but Reddit has had quite a few laughs over a previous tweet “The Bachelor” star posted in March. In some back-and-forth on Twitter with “The Bachelorette” Katie Thurston, Higgins seemed to get a bit flustered over being called out again for having told contestants he loved them. In one response, he tweeted, “I am only saying I love you to one person now. In addition I’ve grown and also fallen completely in love with my WIFE.” It was Higgins’ capitalization of “wife” that sparked the Rodgers-related thread on Reddit.

Higgins’ Tweet Has Become the Gift That Keeps on Giving

“This made me LOL. I feel like he’s being intentional,” one fan wrote on Reddit of Rodgers’ caption.

“These WIFE jokes are just what I needed at the end of a long workday. Never stop, Bachelor Reddit, never stop,” wrote someone else.

“I choose to believe that this was 100% a dig at Ben and I respect it,” read another comment.

“If it’s a dig at ben, I love it. If it’s purely coincidence, I love it even more,” someone else quipped.

Not everybody agreed Rodgers had done this as an intentional dig at Higgins, and some “The Bachelorette” fans felt out of the loop regarding the joke. “Ben gets salty if we talk about his relationship with the women from his season because he’s married now (to someone outside of the franchise,” one person explained. “He doesn’t think his WIFE needs to constantly be reminded of BN. And he’ll use all caps on WIFE to communicate that to us,” that poster continued.

Whether Rodgers’ caption was an intentional dig at Higgins or not, Reddit fans got a kick out of the idea it was. “I love this joke. It’s harmless and hilarious. I will now forever always read ‘my WIFE’ and think of Ben,” one commenter noted, in a take that seemed a common one throughout the thread.

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