Fans Blast ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Over Handling of ‘Double Whammy’ With Kids

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Getty children wearing hats against the sun look over a bridge at the English Gardens.

A fan-favorite former contestant from “The Bachelorette” is dealing with a tough situation at home while, at the same time, getting torn apart by some fans over his handling of the situation. J.P. Rosenbaum earned Ashley Hebert’s final rose when her season aired in 2011 and the two married in December 2012, noted Us Weekly. They had two children, Fordham and Essex, but Rosenbaum and Hebert announced their separation in October 2020. Now, while Rosenbaum has Ford and Essie for a bit at his place in Miami, Florida, he has discovered they have a dreaded illness. On top of that, he took them somewhere to play while he worked on his laptop, and his pick seemingly did not please a fair number of his followers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rosenbaum’s Kids Tested Positive

On June 21, Rosenbaum shared the bad news via his Instagram stories. “Never a dull day with these two (sigh). #doublewhammy,” he captioned a photo that showed two positive COVID-19 at-home rapid tests. The revelation was that both Ford and Essie had just tested positive for COVID, and “The Bachelorette” star clearly was not thrilled to learn of the positive test results.

Rosenbaum’s next Instagram story was posted about 18 hours later. It showed his toes and the top of a laptop computer as he sat on a lounge chair watching his kids. “Today’s office,” he wrote, and the short video showed Ford and Essie playing in the pool in front of him. The kids were splashing and playing with water guns, seemingly the only two people in the water. Rosenbaum also swung the camera around a bit to show there were a few others in the pool area of the complex where he lives, but it was not crowded.

He Pushed Back Against Critics

Apparently, Rosenbaum quickly received messages from followers after posting the pool video. With a fairly sarcastic tone in his voice, he said, “So for those of you who are SO concerned with public safety… yes, the kids have COVID. Yes, we’re at our building’s pool where there’s virtually nobody around.” He added, “The kids feel fine, and they wanted to get out, and it seemed like the perfect place. We are not spreading it.” He “thanked” everybody for their concern, and in his next Instagram story, posted a poll asking “Can you reason with stupid?”

Shortly after that, Rosenbaum shared a couple of slides showing Ford and Essie playing with a giant chess game that appeared to be on a rooftop balcony of his complex. “I sure hope the chess pieces don’t get Covid,” he noted, and added, “Please be advised…no chess pieces were harmed during the making of this video.” A thread about the situation quickly popped up on Reddit, and people seemed fairly like-minded in their responses.

“That’s selfish and bold of him to share,” one person remarked.

Another noted, “Technically they’re supposed to remain in isolation but hey he must know better.”

“I actually don’t understand what purpose there is in anyone doing rapid tests at home to confirm COVID if they are going to do nothing different than the average cold,” someone else wrote.

“I have always loved JP but this is a major no for me,” detailed another poster.

A few Redditors noted that the family was in a non-crowded outdoor space and it could have been worse in terms of putting others at risk. However, collectively, those who posted comments in the thread seemed in agreement that they felt the way Rosenbaum handled this was not good.

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