Kaitlyn Bristowe Gives Update on How She’s Feeling After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Kaitlyn Bristowe in a black dress posing in front of a gold car.

Getty Images Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and her boyfriend Jason Tartick are still recovering after coming down with the coronavirus. The Bachelor Nation couple found out they had COVID-19 just before the Christmas holiday and have been sharing updates on their symptoms with their fans on Instagram.

Just over a week ago, Tartick posted that he and Bristowe had tested positive after having a friend over to work on a project.

“We had a responsible quarantine plan in place so that we could see my family for the holiday. Shame on us, we didn’t stick to the plan. We made an adult decision to allow a friend over during the quarantine time bc for a project she was working on she was required to be tested and showed 4 negative tests in a row for her work. On her way home Sunday, her Saturday morning test result came in positive. You just can never be too cautious and careful. There’s no outthinking this god awful virus, lesson learned,” he captioned a video, in part.

A few days later, Tartick captioned a photo of him and Bristowe in bed. “I think the worst is behind us,” he wrote.

On Sunday, fans were happy to see Bristowe looking fresh-faced when she announced that she was getting ready to record a podcast with her Dancing With the Stars co-star, Jeannie Mai. In addition, Bristowe let her fans know that she was feeling a bit better. She just posted to her Instagram stories a few minutes ago.

Despite spending the holidays feeling under the weather, things are looking up for Bristowe and Tartick.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Had More Mild Symptoms but She Still Can’t Taste

In comparison to Tartick, Bristowe’s symptoms were relatively mild. She was tired, congested, and lost her sense of taste and smell. The latter of these symptoms has become somewhat of a trademark for the virus.

In Sunday’s update, however, Bristowe revealed that she is able to smell again — a great sign of improvement.

“So, because I’ve been sick and, um, well, horizontal for the last two weeks, I haven’t had coffee. I still can’t taste it, but, I can smell it,” Bristowe said, taking a sniff from her coffee mug. Coffee and wine — my two favorite drinks — and I haven’t had them in two weeks,” she added.

Jason Tartick Is Also on the Mend

Things are looking a lot better for Tartick as well. Despite having more symptoms than Bristowe, he seems to have turned a corner as well.

“2021 starting on a weekend, already love the change a pace from ‘20 and this onesie I was coerced into wearing! We’re all feeling well and hopefully on our way to Covid free! Happy New Year,” he captioned an Instagram post on Saturday.

Tartick is feeling better, just in time for playoff football. He is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, and he is stoked that his team had made the playoffs for the second year in a row.

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