Kaitlyn Bristowe Blasts ‘The Bachelorette’ During Episode 2: ‘Hate This’

Kaitlyn Bristowe

ABC Kaitlyn Bristowe co-hosts "The Bachelorette."

Episode 2 of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s “Bachelorette” journeys aired Monday night, and people had plenty to say about what they watched play out on their television screens. This is the first time two ladies have looked for love side-by-side on “The Bachelorette,” from the first limousine entrances to the final rose ceremonies, and not everybody has loved this idea. Some “Bachelor Nation” personalities, like Andi Dorfman, have even spoken out about concerns they have, and it appears that continues to be the case. Based on former “Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Twitter page on Monday night, she is not exactly a fan of how things are going for Recchia and Windey so far.

Bristowe Live-Tweeted Episode 2


Just ahead of episode 2 of “The Bachelorette,” Bristowe gave everybody on Twitter a heads-up that she would tweet about it all as she watched. She also let everybody know she would probably be especially spicy in her tweets, as she had just taken an edible. Nearly a dozen fans replied to that initial tweet signaling they loved her approach and were excited to see what she had to say.

After a Twitter post about how awful the bathroom at the mansion must be, Bristowe tweeted, “I f****** hate this.” That came just 24 minutes into the new episode of “The Bachelorette,” and it appeared that came in response to Recchia’s chat with Jason Alabaster where he told her he felt a spark with Windey, and not so much with Recchia. As this evening group date continued, Recchia admitted she was having a hard time finding her footing, and she felt that her chats with the guys did not generate any sparks. 

Bristowe also tweeted, “Am I being dramatic?? I cannot believe they are doing this to these women, and to the men.” Most of “The Bachelorette” fans who replied to Bristowe’s tweets seemed to share similar feelings where they did not necessarily think this format did either of the ladies justice. The situation with Logan Palmer kissing both ladies definitely left many “Bachelorette” fans with a bad taste in their mouths by the looks of things as well.

The Frustration Became Too Much for Bristowe

As episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” continued, Bristowe tweeted out a few more thoughts. The uncomfortable moment where Chris Austin started talking with the guys about Fantasy Suites prompted Bristowe to tweet out a red flag GIF, and nobody seemed to disagree with her regarding that take. 

The former “Bachelorette” star was quiet for a while, and then she reached a point where she had seen enough. As Recchia eliminated Jordan Vandergriff during their one-on-one date, Bristowe tweeted another GIF. This one showed Mark Cuban with text reading, “and for that reason, I’m out.” Other viewers noted their confusion regarding how this played out, wondering how Recchia simply eliminated Vandergriff, with no consideration of whether or not Windey might have an interest in keeping him around.

A few minutes later, Bristowe tagged Recchia on Twitter and told her, “You deserve the [world emoji.” Recchia replied back that she loved Bristowe, and the former “Bachelorette” only tweeted once more during episode 2. “They are so cute I could run into a wall!!” That post seemed to signal Bristowe’s adoration for the pairing of Windey with Nate Mitchell, which perhaps was the positive moment the former reality television star needed so she could end her live tweeting on a positive note.

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