Jason Tartick Reveals Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Should Have Hosted ‘Women Tell All’

Kaitlyn Bristowe Jesse Palmer

ABC Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jesse Palmer.

Clayton Echard’s “Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” featured shouting, body shaming, and feuds that still remain unresolved. It also featured a stark reminder that Chris Harrison is no longer the host of the ABC dating franchise as new host Jesse Palmer helmed his first-ever free-for-all.

Palmer’s “Women Tell All” was the first update show hosted by a Bachelor Nation male following back-to-back seasons that featured Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams as fill-in hosts.

On social media, Bristowe’s fiancé, Jason Tartick, joked that the “Women Tell All” should be a “pay-for-view event,” and he then speculated that things would have gone better if his bride-to-be served as host.

“Imagine a @kaitlynbristowe hosting this #WTA…feel like she’d check 95% of this bulls***! Especially the body shaming #TheBachelor,” Tartick tweeted.

Fans Reacted to Jason Tartick’s Suggestion That Kaitlyn Bristowe Would Have Handled ‘The Women Tell All’ Better Than Jesse Palmer Did

Jesse Palmer

ABCJesse Palmer.

Tartick’s suggestion received plenty of comments from fans of “The Bachelor” franchise.

“Uh, yeah . . . Palmer is definitely way in over his head with this one. He looks almost as uncomfortable as Clayton has looked on most of his dates,” one viewer tweeted.”

“They never gave Kaitlyn or Tayshia a fair shot by pairing them together. A woman can host on her own,”  another agreed. “And they replaced them both with a blank stare.”

But others felt that Bristowe doesn’t have what it takes to host the volatile tell-all show.

“I have to say that neither Jesse nor Kaitlyn and Tayshia did a good job at shutting down the insults from the eliminated contestants,” one viewer wrote. “As the audience we can’t make out anything they are saying when they all yell over each other. The hosts need to shut that down.”

In a Reddit thread, a Bachelor Nation fan wrote, “Sweet of Jason, but no, Kaitlyn had her chance and there’s a reason she’s not in that seat.“

“I love how Jason supports Kaitlyn,” another wrote. “But to get to the meat of the tweet… no, I don’t think she would have checked any of these women. KB is a producer puppet! And I say this as someone who loves KB!”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Was Criticized After She Hosted the ‘After The Final Rose’ Special for Michelle Young’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season

Kaitlyn Bristowe Clayton Echard

ABCKaitlyn Bristowe and Clayton Echard on After the Final Rose.

Bristowe didn’t exactly shut things down when she solo-hosted the “After the Final Rise” special last season. At the time, the former “Bachelorette” star was slammed for an awkward segment with incoming leading man, Echard, when she told him she needed to “address the elephant in the room.”

“There’s been a lot of mixed reactions to you being announced as the new Bachelor,” Bristowe told Echard, before revealing that she “pulled a few of the more interesting” mean tweets about him and wanted him to read them on-air.  Fans were put off by the mean-spirited segment.

“Kaitlyn sucks as a host and Clayton didn’t deserve the mean tweets. Whoever made that decision needs to find a new job,“ one viewer wrote at the time.

Fans were especially surprised that Bristowe agreed to the segment after she herself was a victim of cyberbullying when she was “The Bachelorette” back in 2015 – and she still gets hit with backlash today.

During an appearance on the “Click Bait With Bachelor Nation” podcast, Tartick even called out his fiancée’s haters and said the mean Twitter activity was“grotesque.”

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