Former ‘Bachelorette’ Gets Fans Talking With Unexpected Hairstyle

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A former “Bachelorette” star just shared a new look via social media and it certainly had fans talking. Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed the temporary style in an Instagram post and her followers were quite surprised by it. Some loved it, while others did not, but it did not seem this was a style “Bachelor Nation” fans should count on seeing on Bristowe regularly.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Bristowe Revealed Her ‘Monica’ Hairstyle

On November 29, Bristowe took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself. “I went full monica,” the former “Bachelorette” joked in the caption, and many of her fans immediately understood the reference. The photo showed Bristowe with her brunette hair styled in loose, somewhat wild, curls, a look “Bachelor Nation” fans have likely never seen on her before. As for the “Monica” reference, that was clearly about a “Friends” episode and the character Monica Gellar, played by Courteney Cox. As IMDb detailed, the 2003 episode was titled “The One in Barbados.”

FRIENDS — Monica's Barbados hair (full)© Warner Bros. Television 1994-2004. Friends was brought to you by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be…2016-05-09T15:45:59Z

Monica’s storyline in that episode revolved around how the humidity in Barbados made her hair quite frizzy and full. As the episode with the “Friends” group in Barbados played out, Monica’s hair got wilder and wilder, and multiple jokes about her looking like Diana Ross, “Weird Al” Yankovic, or “Saturday Night Live’s” Rosanne Rosannadanna were incorporated.

The location tag on Bristowe’s Instagram post signaled she was at the Sandals Royal resort in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. According to AccuWeather, the humidity in Curacao was over 70%, a stark difference from the 40% humidity in Bristowe’s current hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Apparently, Bristowe’s hair reacts to high humidity much as Monica’s did.

Fans Had Lots to Say About Bristowe’s Curly Style

As People noted, Bristowe was in Curacao for a very special reason, and it seemed she was more than willing to accept the change in hairstyle in exchange for the treasured experience. The “OG Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter is celebrating her 50th birthday in Curacao, with her husband, Ryan Sutter, and Bristowe and her fiance Jason Tartick were invited to join them.

Bristowe’s Instagram post highlighting her “full monica” curls received a lot of love. Not only did “Bachelorette” fans and some fellow franchise veterans comment on the post, but some notable entertainers outside of “Bachelor Nation” did too. Taylor Lautner and Rachel Bilson got a kick out of the look, as did “Love Is Blind” star Deepti Vempati. Not all of Bristowe’s followers “got” the “Friends” reference. Despite some feeling confused, there were a lot of comments referencing the “Friends” episode from those who understood it.

“Braids next???” joked one person, recalling Monica’s salon braids that left her loved ones seriously shook.

“Now you just gotta have a ping pong tournament with Paul Rudd,” added someone else.

“The fact that you made a Friends reference makes me love you even more,” shared another.

The majority of the followers who commented on Bristowe’s hair loved it, although there were a few critics too. Based on what “The Bachelorette” star has shared of her trip so far, it didn’t look as if she was going to let any of the criticism steal her joy.

“YESSSS bring this back every damn day!!” gushed one supporter.

“I think you were meant to have curly hair,” praised a different fan.

“Have you been electrocuted?” countered a critic.

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