Fans Concerned After Former ‘Bachelorette’ Star Shares Video of Herself Crying

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A new Instagram story posted by a former “Bachelorette” star has fans buzzing. There was little context included in the story, but it certainly appeared that Katie Thurston was struggling a great deal with whatever prompted this emotional moment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thurston’s Instagram Stories Had People Curious

On Monday, Thurston posted a light-hearted post on her Instagram page that resonated with her followers. “Class of 2009,” she captioned the post, which included a video compilation of Thurston’s high school days. She smiled as she transitioned from present-day to the throwbacks in the video and her fans got quite a kick out of it.

A few hours prior to that, Thurston posted something far more curious on her Instagram stories. “I’m not going to be recapping ‘The Bachelorette’ today. I’m just going to leave it at that,” she detailed rather cryptically. She opened up an opportunity for fans to ask her questions, and a few hours later, she replied to someone asking why she wasn’t recapping the show. “Popular question. And many questions sent tonight simply have a ‘tbd’ answer,” Thurston shared.

Subsequent Stories Portrayed an Emotional Thurston

In another Instagram story, when someone asked, “How are you doing really gf,” Thurston showed a clip of herself crying. She was talking in the video, but she had muted her voice and had a song playing over the video. She noted, “Recorded Wednesday. Muted for legal purposes. Hoping for the best. Ready to move on with my life.” As “Bachelorette” fans speculated over what prompted Thurston to feel so down, she came back on Tuesday with one more Instagram story. When asked when she was going on “GOR,” which seemed to be a reference to the “Game of Roses” podcast, Thurston replied, “As soon as I’m legally allowed to.”

On Reddit, the general consensus on Thurston’s posts was that production might be blocking her from doing podcasts, recapping the current “Bachelorette” season, and otherwise dishing on the franchise. She had previously noted her restrictive show contract expired this week, and she seemed eager to let loose a little. Instead, it appeared additional restrictions of some sort blindsided her.

“Katie should write a book and change all the names and say ‘allegedly’ a lot we can do the math,” one person jokingly suggested.

When someone else wondered if Thurston was getting sued, another Redditor commented, “No idea but she says hoping for the best which makes me think it’s not just production.”

“Ugh, I feel for Katie. No idea what she’s crying about / what the defamation case is, but she’s been through the ringer,” another comment read. That commenter added, “Say what you will about her (she’s messy, she wasn’t a good ‘Bachelorette,’ etc.) but this is a LOT for one person in just a couple short years!”

“I think tptb or someone from the show might be trying to prevent her from talking about the show at all? I so want her to be free from that contract, tptb really seem to actively hate her,” someone else wrote.

Someone else noted recently Thurston was shredded pretty thoroughly both by Nick Viall on his podcast “The Viall Files,” and the production-supported podcast “Click Bait.” “It seems pretty apparent to me that producers are afraid of what Katie will spill,” suggested that poster. Both Thurston’s critics and supporters will be curious to see when, or even if, she is allowed to reveal specifics regarding this cryptic situation.

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