First Photos of Katie Thurston on ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Released

Katie Thurston green dress.

ABC Katie Thurston.

The first photos of Katie Thurston on the finale of “The Bachelorette” have been released by ABC. The finale of the show has already been taped, and the outcome has already been decided for Thurston. Fans will find out who she ends up choosing — if anyone — when the finale airs on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Thurston’s suitor list is down to two, Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes, as frontrunner Greg Grippo appeared to self-eliminate on the last episode. It’s unclear if Thurston brings both Glaze and Moynes to the finale, or if she parts ways with one of the men before they arrive at the final rose ceremony.

In the newly released photos, Thurston appears very stoic. She doesn’t give too much away with her facial expressions, which appear serious is almost every snap. She wore a dark green patterned dress with a deep plunge and a thigh-high slit for the event, which is sure to be “the most dramatic in ‘Bachelorette’ history.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Have Been Reacting to the Finale Pics on Reddit

Katie Thurston finale dress.

ABCKatie Thurston.

Most fans think that Thurston’s finale look was a win, sharing their feelings on a Reddit thread dedicated to the new pics. For the most part, fans of the show have had a positive reaction to the new shots, many commenting that Thurston looks really great. Although there are certainly mixed feelings about Thurston’s look, the overwhelming majority seem to love it.

“I love how it fits into the southwest aesthetic without being appropriative or kitschy,” one Redditor commented about the dress.

“I love it!! She looks amazing in green!” another added.

“I love and the dress and the color wow. She looks very pretty,” echoed a third.

“The dress works for her body type and she looks great but really the hair and makeup elevate the entire look for me! Her hair in particular straightened out and slicked back looks so good on her,” a fourth person wrote.

Fans Aren’t Convinced About the Outcome of ‘The Bachelorette’

Katie Thurston green dress.

ABCKatie Thurston.

Whether you’ve read “Bachelorette” spoilers or not, you may really be wondering what exactly goes down on next week’s finale. It seems just about everyone is curious after three of the frontrunners eliminated themselves one after the next.

While many hope that Thurston does get engaged, her connections with Michael Allio, Greg Grippo, and Andrew Spencer all seem stronger than what she has with her top two guys. While it’s possible that the show could have been edited a particular way, it seems like no one is truly convinced that Thurston gets her happily ever after.

And, if she does get engaged, there’s always a chance that things won’t work out for the couple left standing in the end. There is expected to be an “After the Final Rose” special, but it was pre-taped due to the coronavirus pandemic (usually it’s live), and it’s been a couple of weeks — so anything is possible at this point.

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