What Really Happens Between Katie Thurston & Greg Grippo After Hometowns? [Spoilers]

ABC Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo.

Greg Grippo was an early frontrunner on Katie Thurston‘s season of “The Bachelorette,” but it seems there is going to be some trouble with him on tonight’s episode of the show.

Warning: “Bachelorette” spoilers below.

Although spoilers from Reality Steve have been a bit sparse thanks largely to the fact that he’s not getting information as rapidly as in previous seasons due to the one-location filming set-up, fans of the show now know what happens between Grippo and Thurston — and why he isn’t the one who ends up getting down on one knee on the finale.

In his July 14, 2021, blog post, Reality Steve reveals something that most viewers already suspected: Grippo can’t handle Thurston dating other guys on the show. It seems as though the editing has foreshadowed this a bit, but Reality Steve has since confirmed that Grippo and Thurston got into a “blowout fight” amidst the Overnight Dates.

“When I see them kissing, I’m sick to my stomach,” Grippo says in a clip for the Monday, August 2, 2021, episode. In another scene, Thurston tells Kaitlyn Bristowe that she wants someone to “book [her] flight home.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Grippo Ends up Confronting Thurston

Reality Steve writes that Grippo confronts Thurston after he — in one form or another — was led to believe that Thurston wanted to be with him in the end. He had a hard time with the thought of her being with the other guys if she was so certain that it was going to be him in the end — so he said something.

“During an off day on overnight dates, Greg goes to Katie’s room to talk to her. Again, hard to know specifics or words/phrases uses, but it basically centered around the fact that Greg felt he got some sort of assurance from Katie he was the one, or felt he’d be picked, yet he couldn’t understand why she was still involved with other men..,” Reality Steve writes.

“Everything I’m hearing is that Greg’s exit from the show will not be pretty. It’s a meltdown apparently. …This is basically a fight that they have. A fight that kinda goes back and forth. He talks to her, leaves, then she goes to talk to him, then one storms off, and it just keeps going. I’ve been told the two of them kept going back and forth at each other ‘for hours,'” he added.

From the preview, it looks like this argument will start after Hometown Dates, perhaps during the daytime portion of the Fantasy Suite dates.

It’s Unclear Whether or Not Grippo Self-Eliminates

As Showbiz Cheatsheet points out, fans have speculated that Grippo and Thurston’s relationship would end badly — and not at a rose ceremony. From the previews, it’s easy to see that something happens between the two, but it’s unclear exactly what.

Reality Steve’s blog suggests that Grippo leaves on his own accord. A Reddit thread was started shortly after his blog was posted, and fans have reacted. The majority seem to be excited to see how things play out.

“I’m here for this!!!” one Redditor commented.

“I’m here for the drama and I’m not ashamed,” added another.

“Oh man, I am hella excited for this,” echoed a third.

Many fans are also curious to see how this actually plays out on television, some even wondering if Grippo was “fed lines.”

“I’m not going to have an opinion until we see what happens. Greg seems really sensitive and I can see producers feeding him lines and making him confident that he’s number one just to bring about a total meltdown. I’m not going to defend or attack the guy until we see what happens and how he continues to act off the show,” one Reddit comment reads.

Thurston also hinted that there will be more coming with Grippo during the “After the Final Rose” special, which was taped a couple of weeks ago. You can read more about that here.

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