‘Bachelorette’ Star Reveals Her Friend Kissed 1 of Her Top 4 Guys

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“Bachelor Nation” fans know it is fairly common for contestants to date across seasons after their seasons have aired. However, one recent “Bachelorette” revealed something quite unusual. Katie Thurston gave her Instagram followers a chance to ask her questions recently, and she dropped a juicy tidbit that had people buzzing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thurston Dished Out a Detail About One of Her Bachelors

As Thurston answered questions in a series of now-expired Instagram stories, members of “The Bachelor” subreddit joined together to discuss the scoop in a lengthy Reddit thread. During this Q&A of Thurston’s which was specifically about “tea” her fans wanted her to spill, one person asked for anything she was willing to share about Michael Allio. As “Bachelorette” fans recall, there was a significant connection between Thurston and Allio during her season. He was a frontrunner for a while, but he broke her heart when he self-eliminated to return home to his son. His departure was an especially emotional one, and after her “Bachelorette” finale aired, Thurston admitted she still felt strongly about him.

Interestingly, Thurston’s tea on Allio took a turn nobody expected. “One of my close friends kissed him while my season was still airing,” she revealed. “The Bachelorette” star added, “And while yes I was engaged, this felt like a ‘too soon’ moment for me.” As she noted, when Allio kissed one of Thurston’s friends, she was engaged to her final rose recipient, Blake Moynes. However, Moynes and Thurston split soon after the finale for her season aired, and she quickly revealed a new romance with another contestant from her season, John Hersey. Thurston did not reveal which friend of hers had kissed Allio, though, and he has not commented on her tea.

Fans Had Plenty to Say About Thurston’s Revelation

As Thurston’s Q&A played out, “The Bachelorette” fans shared their reactions on Reddit. While Allio is popular with some fans, a fair percentage of “Bachelor Nation” has a negative perception of him. It appears these negative stances relate to both his motives regarding joining the franchise and some alleged off-camera, real-life issues.

“Lmao Katie low-key exposing Scamio. How was he making out with her friend and then thirsting after her on IG and asking if there was still a chance at MTA? Such [trash can emoji],” one person quipped.

“Michael making out with one of her friends makes him thirsting over her lingerie photo shoot and putting the Night We Met over pictures of them so much weirder [skull emoji],” another viewer noted. “Also, no wonder she looked completely over him at MTA lmao,” that commenter added.

“Her thinking it was too soon for Michael to kiss someone when she was engaged to Blake is so funny to me lol,” shared a Redditor, although someone else felt it was legitimately “mildly weird that it was her close friend.”

“I read it at first that she kissed Michael while she was engaged, and was confused why it was too soon?” questioned someone else. It seemed that poster was not the only “Bachelorette” fan who had that same misinterpretation initially.

“Michael A making out with Katie’s friend while Katie’s season was airing is not surprising to me,” someone began, adding, “Michael always seemed like a sleaze to me, and he’s not the heartbroken nice single dad he pretends to be.”

A few other answers from Thurston prompted other lengthy discussions, and one Redditor admitted, “This is her least messy tea spill and also her most interesting.” Thurston has developed something of a reputation within “Bachelor Nation” for liking to stir things up, and this revelation about Allio definitely accomplished that.

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